[DAO: bafkrei] Custome Spawn Locations

by 0x3026e5dca7a3f50a482d5f06fb18ce607386531b (SirDropBear)

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Would you like custom spawn points or ability to spawn in at last location?


instead of spawning only in genesis plaza you can spawn where ever you set it to.


Myself and alot of the community would like to spawn in different locations aside genesis plaza. I think it would be great to be able to spawn at any place on the map.


Always spawning in genesis plaza can get rather boring and sometimes it would be nice to be able to spawn else where. I imagine having a house on a parcel and being able to spawn there when i load the client so it feels you load into your home within Decentraland. Or even spawn at a favourite location.


the developers of DCL could impliment this feature


In conclusion i believe that this feature is much needed and feel it can be implimented easily to the decentraland client.

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Today you can add parameters to the URL which changes where you spawn into (e.g. Decentraland), and scene creators have the ability to control where within a scene users spawn from.

I do think there’s merit however to the idea of a “last” parameter that returns you to where you were as of last login, especially if you don’t remember.

thats cool for the browser i didnt know that. But im thinnking for more the client so you dont have to always spawn at gensis plaza :slight_smile: the last location would be great aswell. anything really that the user can control.

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Really like this would allow people who like to log in for games such as Wilderness, WonderZone,DiceMasters or JTV’s game to log right into location. As well as those of us who like to party to jump right to Metazoo, Bitbears or x y z. Awesome idea and proposal. Its honestly kinda annoying logging into the portal after a year. Especially when you know the hot keys and such and how to find events,locations without the boards.

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Custome Spawn Locations

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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  • Yes 99% 1,072,561 VP (61 votes)
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