[DAO: QmXaJQJ] Can we hire some talented devs to be more active in the discord SDK chat

by 0xb2223f4038def8a62a86e3c4b108cdfe00a74c4f (chillin#4c4f)

It would be good to have a few more devs available full time to help out on small/big projects, while also working on improving decentraland in their spare time.
(Facebook/Meta has like 1000+ employees.)
@Nico needs a holiday.

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if this gets good attention I think we should consider an alternate option. I dont think hiring someone to answer discord questions is the right answer. Do not get me wrong I am all for DCL having a more staff to do bigger and better things but answering discord SDK questions is probably low on the priority list when considering their work load to deliver value else where in the platform. I still think that devs (as content creators themself) should have better support to grow the platform. There are plenty of skilled devs out there in the community but they are also crunched for time to help. Maybe we introduce a “bounty” for help? Or some kind of financial reward to incentives getting good answers? Name it the “SDK Dev Help Fund”. Maybe financed by a grant? 1 mana per well answered question? Details for how this is paid out would need to be decided as it opens a whole can of worms. Maybe votes for users who got help? Nico would probably get the most “rewards” cuz he is an outstanding resource and very active helping :). This is me thinking out loud. Just an idea

Who is we?

The DAO has already voted to hire a DAO dApps team and that team has not been filled.

Can we hire some talented devs to be more active in the discord SDK chat.

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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