[DAO: QmWpJtX] Doctor led health education and mental health support platform + virtual clinics

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


We are looking to create the world’s first health education platform on the metaverse.

Led by British doctors from a variety of health specialties (including general practitioners, medical physicians, orthopedics/sports medicine, ophthalmology and psychiatry), we want to empower Decentraland’s users with education and support on a variety of health issues - with a particular focus on mental health.

We envisage to run live weekly educational events on current, important and community-chosen medical topics. These will be led by doctors and consultants with particular expertise in that field. We aim for these events to be highly interactive and therefore highly valuable for the participants.

Grant size

200,000 USD

Beneficiary address



What we hope to achieve;

Solving health inequalities;

  • Access to expertise across several fields of medicine, psychiatry and surgery, who will provide health education to the users of Decentraland (no matter where in the world you are from)

Improving health;

  • Focussing on key health issues, we can aim to improve and empower users, through education, to make healthy choices and understand more about disease and medicine

Mental health support;

  • With access to psychiatrists and psychologists, we will have a particular focus on mental health education and support. We know this is a key issue globally, and in particular amidst the global pandemic.

Community driven;

  • We want to ensure we are delivering and catering to the needs of the community. We will ensure that the direction of our educational events are driven by the community, and focussed on the areas that matter the most to you.

How we hope to achieve this;

  • Weekly live educational events
    Each week there will be a doctor led event, where education on a particular health topic will be delivered to the community. These will be interactive, and include dedicated time for questions and answers.

  • Dedicated sessions on mental health
    Delivered by psychiatrists/psychologists, we will have sessions dedicated purely for mental health support and chats.

  • A list of trusted health professionals
    We will continue to build on our bank of trusted healthcare professionals, all of whom will be fully registered and indemnified by their national medical councils.

The future aims of the project;

We are hoping to expand our project to run virtual medical clinics for the users of Decentraland. This will mean that you can access a one on one appointment with a fully trained and indemnified doctor/nurse for health advice/management.

There are several legal and indemnity requirements that need to be addressed in order for this to become a reality, and we hope that these can be worked out sooner rather than later (watch this space!)… this will be a world’s first in the Metaverse.


We are already in a unique position to access a wide number of leading experts in healthcare and medicine, to deliver excellent health education events.

With the funds raised from the grant, we will look to hire a programmer and developer to build and maintain a space within Decentraland to run our educational events.

The funds will also be utilised to pay for the health professionals time during the educational events. We envisage that this will cover weekly events across a one year time frame, after which we will seek additional investment to continue our work.

Any surplus funds will be utilised to invest in the future of the project, in particular seeking appropriate legal advice, and building the necessary framework for building the World’s first Metaverse virtual doctor clinics.


  • Project Lead - Dr I Farooqi
    UK based General Practitioner, qualified in 2014. Clinical education lead, Clinical Supervisor, and Covid Vaccination Lead.

  • Contributing doctors - Dr Bhuta (psychiatrist), Dr Knox (orthopedics), Dr Nathan (general medicine), Dr Aziz (ophthalmology)

  • Additional contributors within the fields of psychology, sports medicine, trained counsellors, and physicians associates.

  • We will look to hire a programmer/developer with experience of the Decentraland user interface and platform. This will be needed to create the required platform within Decentraland to enable our weekly educational events.

  • Community contributors.
    We would like to onboard some key contributors from the Decentraland community to help drive our project forward.

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1

  • Purchase the necessary space within Decentraland platform
  • Recruit an experienced programmer/developer to work on the Decentraland platform

Month 2-4

  • Create a usable and highly functional space within the platform, for our educational events
  • Create a schedule for the educational events and mental health support events, booking in the necessary health professionals to deliver the weekly events.
  • Recruit some key community contributors to help define the above schedule

Month 5

  • Launch!

Month 6 onwards

  • Following launch we will work hard to drive additional revenue and investment into the project so that we can begin to look into creation of virtual doctor clinics, for more personal and bespoke clinical care.

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Hi all, Happy to answer any questions on the above proposal

We are hoping to drive health education and mental health empowerment into the Metaverse, in a community driven fashion

Dr Imran :smiley:

I really like this idea! A pilot program may be something to consider (3 month duration; rent LAND, etc) before working towards an official launch. I’ve productized learning initiatives before and it’s very very demanding, not to mention the community aspect around health (which is such a personal and sensitive topic). Something this important that requires industry expertise should be tested IMO.

Thank you Deirdre for your insight, this will certainly be of consideration to us!

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Hey, we might get you a space in DCL to place it. Consider taking the LAND price out of the grant.

My recommendation: be less ambitious, find a developer and submit a new grant targeting a small prototype.

Love the idea!

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That is exactly our hope with Behavioral Health Group Therapy - we aim to provide:
:one: interactive
:two: personable
:three: immersive
:four: embodied treatment solution

The therapeutic experience with the community is patient-led, patient-focused and patient-guided. Check out our DAO proposal which expects to be cost-effective, convenient, confidential and connectful. Checkout our DAO proposal and vote while there is still time!

:white_check_mark: Behavioral Health Group in Decentraland: An Answer to the Problem?