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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Mental Health is a growing priority in society, with issues such as anxiety, depression, substance disorders, and sleep disorders rising exponentially every year. We believe that metaverse-based technologies can disrupt a multitude of different industries, including healthcare.

Metaverse Architects and leading mental-health service providers Mind-Easy, shall launch the first-ever mental-health support system in the Metaverse, with the help of Metaverse Group and Tokens.com.

We aim to pioneer what is possible in DCL, by developing a very first use case in the disruption of traditional healthcare services, by offering free tools, information, and general support to the DCL community in the form of Mental Health provisions and services.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Our vision is to create an inclusive mental health clinic in the metaverse that will give DCL users access to the tools, videos, and resources to take charge of their mental health. This material will cover a range of mental health issues, and shall be accessible to anyone in Decentraland.

This will be built on land owned by Metaverse Group, and shall include the creation of an immersive, 3D experience, aimed at providing free, accessibile information on differnet Mental Health provisions.

Moreover, this project will aim to empower users to take charge of their mental health, and we shall prioiritise the formation and developlment of a community which aims to support and nurture the mental health of fellow DCL community members. Mind-Easy shall also work to provide free professional support systems to DCL Members, including free expert calls for DCL Members in the form of 20-minute expert sessions, which shall be given to the first 100 patients on the property looking for additional help and expertise beyond the free, immersive experience.

For extra inclusivity, the initial project will be designed and built to communicate mental health provisions in three key international languages, being English, Spanish and Portuguese.


In order to integrate mental health support into the DCL community, the mental health clinic will highlight features such as; virtual therapy, peer support, gamified content, and immersive, 3D educational resources.

The clinic will also include therapy spaces, sensory immersion experiences, and consciousness exploration spaces, along with peer support hubs and collaborative exercise spaces to foster a positive environment for mental health and wellbeing.

Our primary goal is to leverage the possibilities and potential of the Metaverse to bridge the gaps in the existing mental health spaces. The clinic will be the first step in the creation of an ecosystem for decentralized and equal distribution access to culturally validated mental health resources for all users.

Here, users will be able to engage in expanded experiences such as virtual therapy, peer support, gamified content and educational resources that will contribute to the adoption and expectancy of cultural sensitivity as the minimum standard of mental health care.
The clinic will include therapy spaces, sensory immersion experiences and consciousness exploration spaces, along with peer support hubs and collaborative exercise spaces to foster a destigmatized environment for mental health and wellbeing.

Our strategic collaborations with Metaverse Architects, as well as the enormous network of researchers, psychologists, and therapists specialized in the unique needs of users allows us to create content and design spaces with every need of the user at the forefront of our development process.

We are currently in the early design phase of hashing out the aesthetics of these spaces to make them feel as engaging and calming as possible. Additionally, the clinic will integrate an already existing and previously approved grant project DCL Connect which will allow mental-health professionals to actively manage this space with minimal barriers to entry. This will facilitate the provision of cutting-edge DCL experiences for the Decentraland community, and shall allow our project to provide even more value to the space.

The scope of creating mental health spaces within the metaverse is quite literally endless but we want to begin this journey within Decentraland by focusing first on the unique needs of the users. Our long-term vision includes scaling to incorporate events, NFT creations, dynamic building of scenes and exclusive content.
By doing this, we aim to further promote and encourage the adoption and use of Decentraland with the idea of making it the first metaverse platform to create engagement and traction for inclusive mental wellbeing


This project is a collaborative endeavor between Mind-Easy, Metaverse Architects and The Metaverse Group.

Mind-Easy offers a refreshing approach to mental health: it aims to take the totality of the individual into account and presents tailored therapy that promotes healing, growth and empowerment. Their global clinical network is focused on providing mental health support from any location and at any time. You can find more information on Mind-Easy here: https://www.mind-easy.com/team

Metaverse Architects are an innovative design and event planning firm, specializing in 3D modeling and game development across multiple metaverses. Their in-house team of skilled architects, developers, marketers and designers are dedicated to building metaverse use cases on a daily basis. https://metaverse-architects.com/

Pioneering the virtual real estate industry in 2019, Metaverse Group are leaders in real estate acquisition, real estate development, property management, and other related services. Backed by Tokens.com, they boast a robust portfolio of virtual real estate in every major block-chain based metaverse. https://www.metaversegroup.com/

Roadmap and milestones

This project will take 6 months to develop and can be broken down into monthly deliverables:

Month 1:
Create a survey to study the DCL demographic, and determine the overarching needs of users in the space;
Start building the preliminary immersive scenes for the mental health clinic;

Month 2:
Use user demographics to develop a tailored, mental-health-focused experience to the average DCL user’s needs;
Begin the implementation of extra-sensory-features in the Mental Health clinic and experience;

Month 3:
Select our the clinical team from our network of mental health experts;
Produce and digitize mental health content;
Continue to build immersive scenes for the mental health clinic, centered on conscious exploration spaces;

Month 4:
Continue to produce and digitize mental health content;
Allocate therapists for clinic launch;
Gamification of property;

Month 5:
Clinically validate the digitized content;

Month 6:
Deploy mental health content;
Launch the clinic to the DCL community.

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Amazing proposal and much needed during this time. Our entire team at Manhattan DAO supports this grant proposal. Wishing you the best in the future.

If you would like any support please feel free to reach out at info@manhattandao.org.

Best Regards,
Manhattan DAO team


The iMining team and myself are in full support your initiative!

Best Regards,

Dwain Pereira


Cool project.

Will Decentraland users have access to Mental Health provisions?

I am all for this proposal. Mental health is a huge obstacle for many people to over come and live with. The more support there is the better. As far as I’m concerned mental health and the tools to deal with mental health issues should be taught in school from a very early age. Many people go their whole lives without the proper help or support they need. Many times, sadly, people feel they have no where and or, no one to turn to. You have my full support.

Mental Health Support in DCL

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Mental Health Support in DCL

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