[DAO: QmaU2XX] Feature Decentraland in the blockchain track of an upcoming medical conference

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


Hi there from team VISRE! We are a virtual reality (VR) start-up in the medtech space, developing healthcare service offerings for the metaverse (www.visre.co). We were invited to present our solution at an upcoming medical conference called the Primary Care Grand Conference 2021 that focuses on innovations in health and wellness (URL: https://www.askdr.co/pcgc21-nov).

We request for funding to officially secure a feature of Decentraland at this conference and officially acknowledge its support, in order to screen its promotional videos. We hope the DAO agrees on the value of this opportunity for visibility to this specialised audience that could value-add to our metaverse experience in decentraland, and we hope to seek your support!

Grant size

2,800 USD

Beneficiary address



The upcoming medical conference is called the Primary Care Grand Conference 2021 that focuses on innovations in digital health and wellness for which we have been invited to present our solution. This targets interested healthcare practitioners and innovators in the medtech space, with over 100 doctors pre-registered to date.

We requested to feature $MANA and Decentraland promotional videos in our presentation (Decentraland - YouTube). However, as the feature of Decentraland in our presentation constitutes an “advertisement” we need to obtain an official sponsor status for Decentraland for us to go proceed. Other protocols that have similarly funded the conference and secured official sponsorship include Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN) featured in the conference portal accordingly: https://www.askdr.co/pcgc21-nov


We requested to include Decentraland promotional videos (Decentraland - YouTube) in our presentation due to our goal to offer our solution in the Decentraland Metaverse in future, after we complete our ongoing clinical validation studies.

An earlier user acceptance study by our partner doctors has been published is freely available for viewing and download at this link: https://innovations.bmj.com/content/7/2/278

Our free preview augmented reality (AR) mobile applications used in that study which educate about eye health and the importance of eye screening are also freely available on the app stores:

Other than describing our solution, our intended presentation also introduces the professional audience to the concept of the metaverse and non-fungible tokens, as well as features Decentraland as the leading metaverse platform with an active community and track record of high profile events including the recent metaverse festival (https://themetaversefestival.io/).


Our team from VISRE will be working on this project, including our full-time lead software developer and chief technology officer (CTO) Wong Kang-An who will be presenting the solution and about Decentraland. He will be supported by the clinical lead Dr. Dinesh Gunasekeran in sharing about the clinical relevance of these applications.

Further information about our backgrounds available at these links here:

Roadmap and milestones

The conference is upcoming on 20 November 2021 - we have already sought pre-approval from the conference organiser, and would be allowed to incorporate this feature of Decentraland as soon as the community votes in support (if of course, you decide to vote for us). We hope you agree on the potential value of potentially drawing these clinicians to have a presence and value-add in our Decentraland metaverse. Thank you for reading our application!

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