[DAO: QmWNUk1] Should NAME owners be granted proportional DAO rights? (100 VP per name owned)

by 0x02dcce9e0aa57881dd15d09ad904c6ff93f0c059 (Krunch)

Hello community,

I propose this question with complete transparency that I own 100+ names myself and have a bias to this proposal. With that being disclosed, lets get to the details!

NAME owners receive 100 VP per name owned. Just as MANA holders receive 1 for 1 VP per MANA, NAME holders (who put their MANA to work and also burn it out of existence) should receive 1 for 1 VP proportional to the cost of minting a name.

Current DAO participants are MANA holders and LAND holders. LAND owners being granted 2,000 VP per land and MANA holders a 1 for 1 VP per MANA. As it shows, NAME owners currently hold no VP even though contributions to acquire names are arguably the most contributory to the state of Decentraland between the 3; minting a name requires the cost of 100 MANA (which is burnt out of existence!) as well as gas fees, which we all know can be outrageous at times.

I will spare you all the argument of whether or not the minting cost of names should be lowered or not, but I will point out that compared to acquiring LAND, minting a name is dirt cheap. Not only does owning a NAME differentiate you from the flurry of “User#1fj49” Metaversers that populate Decentraland, but it is also a domain name – which can be attached to a parcel (and a 1/1 NFT)! I am not proposing this question as a means of adding extra utility to make my name investments sell better, but rather give those who do not have thousands of MANA to acquire LAND and also wish to have a unique identity in the next frontier of the internet, a say in how Decentraland progresses.

Given the recent major developments from the Decentraland dev team in how the DAO operates, I believe it will serve the community well to allow more members to participate in the direction of Decentraland. Since I joined the community a few months ago, I have learned that Decentraland is filled with so many helpful people – whether it be a newcomer who has a plethora of questions, an up and coming NFT artist who is debuting their work, I have seen more examples than I can count with my fingers of instances of community members going out of their way to show support! Lets try and put more power into the little guys’ hands that weren’t here on Launch Day, but want to participate and don’t have to feel like they are going against all odds when voting versus massive whales that can influence an entire vote themselves.

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