[DAO: QmVsWAa] The Circulating Rebate/Referral Voucher and Perpetual Gratuity Week

by 0xefd13f676744a527b1adce0b3c05834a54640ca8 (Remy)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Community category be approved?


The components of this idea is that it will boost commerce on Decentraland, raise brand awareness of the creators and their stores, and bring more attention to the platform for it’s ingenuity and creative events. This will be an NFT rebate and referral voucher meant to incentivize players to purchase wearables from participating vendors as well as to share the rebate via referring a friend’s wallet address, whereby the voucher then shows up in there wallet available to use on their first purchase. The voucher will become void if it is not used in a specified time frame. I will describe the model in more detail in the description field.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The Circulating Rebate/Referral voucher is an NFT voucher designed to allow the player to receive a 10% discount on their next NFT purchase after making an initial purchase at participating vendor’s stores. After the voucher is redeemed for the discount, it may then be either voided by the qualifying player, or sent to a referral wallet address whereby the referral will then receive 10% off of their first purchase and will have the same option to void or refer the rebate after redeeming it. The players referring the rebate will then have their name entered into the decentraland data base to participate on the next series of what I am calling the “Perpetual Gratuity Week” should their referral redeem their rebate. In this manner, the participating vendors will see a boost in their sales, the players will be given an incentive to purchase new wearables and items, the platform will be lively with activity and buzz, the players will enjoy the appearance of fresh new items to enjoy when engaging on Decentraland, and the word will get out that Decentraland is the place to be for fun events that reward creators and players alike. This can be further illustrated by wrapping up the week with a ceremonial event to reward the vendor that sells the most items with an NFT trophy and to award the player with the most qualified referrals with a free NFT item from one of the participating store’s promotional items. This should be a quarterly event so as to keep the platform appealing to players and creators and to allure new players and vendors with opportunity and excitement.
The best way to help fund this would be for the Decentraland DAO to use portions of the sales fees collected from participating vendors sales and from the publishing fees of those same vendors that mint their NFT items. Early registration of vendors would be necessary and the allocation of a portion of those fees into the event fund would be necessary to bring this proposal to event-ready status. Advertising the event and the participating vendors and any other sponsors should be done on the many billboards across Decentraland, and the fees for that should be calculated and charged when the participating vendors register for the event. The voucher will be minted in accordance with the exact number of NFT items each participating vendor is registering as available for purchase to the DAO as confirmation of the inventory count for the number of rebates that can be issued. The discord servers and social media should also be used to promote this event. The best way to describe this proposal is that it is incentivization via participation.


This is an NFT voucher to purchase NFT’s from participating vendors, and to incentivize the purchaser to share the voucher via referring a friend’s wallet, who will then have the same opportunity to redeem the voucher and refer a friend as well. I will use the grant to employ a programmer to write the code for this NFT and I will then issue it to the Decentraland DAO for them to mint the necessary amount of vouchers to equal the number of items each participating vendor is selling in this event.


I work with only one designer and coder for these types of projects. We have done collaborations in the past and I am confident we will deliver on this proposal in a timely manner with ease. I am currently working with a freelancer named Anmol M. from freelancer . com. He and I have a great working relationship and he has really came through for me in the past.

Roadmap and milestones

I will only need two to three weeks to get this project done. The biggest barrier is that I will require the aid of the DAO in it’s full implementation and event planning. If this barrier can be overcame, then I see this getting underway in a very brief time. I tend to drive the bottom line (respectfully) when it comes to deadlines and delivery. I treat those I am involved with in business with respect, appreciation and encouragement. I recognize that any goals worth achieving require the aid of the talented and the willing, and I invite those types to my circle to strive for achievement and to celebrate any success that follows. I am a bit of a visionary with enthusiasm to create and to build others up while doing so. I also believe in responsible capitalism and investing in others and their aims, should they be worthy of it. This is me, and this is my proposal, and I want to extend a big thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal.

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