[DAO: QmVqaeG] Mental Health Resources in Decentraland: Would you take advantage of group therapy now?

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Group therapy helps individuals develop communication skills and socialization skills, and allows clients to learn how to express their issues and accept criticism from others. Group therapy allows individuals to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues. Group therapy in Decentraland’s community provides a low-cost alternative to costly, inaccessible health care and support with a community of individuals to support, validate and listen to other group member’s challenges

The group therapy sessions that will be facilitated include:

  • Self-help Group
  • Medication Group
  • Interpersonal Therapy Group
  • Encounter Group
  • Psychodrama Group

Top Reasons People Do Not Go to Therapy:

  • “I’d rather talk to my friends.”
  • “It costs too much.”
  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “What good is talking going to do?”
  • “Therapists don’t say anything; they just sit there and judge you.”
  • “Therapists don’t really care about you; they do it for the money.”

Decentraland Behavioural Group Therapy rules includes:

  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Commitment to Accountability
  • Limiting Socializing with Group Members
  • Communicate with Words, Not Actions
  • Participation is optional

The therapeutic experience with the community is patient-led, patient-focused and patient-guided. Check out our DAO proposal which expects to be cost-effective, convenient, confidential and connectful. Checkout our DAO proposal and vote while there is still time!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe - Want to Know More
  • Invalid question/options

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Mental Health Resources in Decentraland: Would you take advantage of group therapy now?

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