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by 0x9a145c4d0e53cdf3cdf487642252d8df646cb7db (GAllanWalker#b7db)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Art Wurkz Projects are Decentraland content creations.

The mission is to create unique 3D productions that are dynamic, immersive, engaging, un-apologeticly weird, fun, art, that Decentraland players can have fun riding, enjoy climbing, and spending time exploring and get lost in the fun of the build. Please watch this short video of Art Wurkz Projects.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Art Wurkz Project creations include painstakingly detailed parcel builds with colorful animated content coupled with amazing rideable, climbable, interactive structures. Art Wurkz Project creates, the very popular, parkour courses for the nimble users of Decentraland testing their skill and agility to navigate and negotiate the course to reach the end goal. The concept will be to change the build every few days to create a constant stream of new material. These build changes will be announced through a network of Social Media, Twitch and Discord. Some builds will have incentives such as NFTs, wearable giveaways and WebAR surprises for more immersive AR experiences.

Art Wurkz Project has deployed builds in Decentraland. Ukrainian Rocket: Currently Deployed ( -2, 17 -1, 17)

Decentraland grant process is a great opportunity for artist to have a chance to showcase 3D creations and the possibly get the funding for the highly coveted land. All Art Work Project grant proceeds would focused into land.

Art Wurkz Project creations are all custom 3D models constructed and animated in Blender 3D software the gold standard of 3D software. The grant approval and procurement of land will allow access to SDK which will add even more features and games using Unity.

Art Wurkz Project will be compliant to Decentraland model requirements sensitive to “low poly” solutions. All builds presented in this grant request are available in the Decentraland Builder Scene Pool for your personal testing.

Art Wurkz Project Video

Music Parkour


Ukrainian Rocket: Currently Deployed ( -2, 17 -1, 17)


Day of the Dead


Dr Pepper Tailgate Party Comprehensive



Software: Blender, Unity, Adobe Creative Suite, Visual Studio,


George Allan Walker
30+ years print, web, video, application development, animation and 3D experience. Currently a Graphic Meta designer illustrator, creative/art director, production artist.

Specialties include: illustration, photo effects and editing, video editing, creative and art direction, app development, web development. 3D modeling, animation and WebAR

Roadmap and milestones

One of Art Wurkz Project’s milestones was the successful Marble Madness Secret Tele-porter Location Contest and Wearable giveaway posted on Twitter which directed people to the builder scene pool to find and post the location the Tele-Porter takes you to. Feedback from participants was they were spending up to 15 minutes to get the the tele-porter and post on Twitter the coordinates of the secret location.

Music Parkour: Deployed ( -2, 17 -1, 17)
Ukrainian Rocket: Currently Deployed ( -2, 17 -1, 17)

Art Wurkz Project will be developing event oriented, seasonal parcel builds with corporate sponsorship.

The end goal of Art Wurkz Project is continually build fun immersive content for Decentraland users. Progress will be transparent, updated and posted on Twitter. https://twitter.com/GAllanWalker

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Hi, love your content. However, my opinion is that grants for tiers 4+ should include a more detailed roadmap with dates and clear deliverables for accountability.

Art Wurkz Project

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 10% 212,706 VP (18 votes)
  • No 29% 588,527 VP (8 votes)