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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


My quest in the coming year is to create & design a massive Hub on the Decentraland platform of the MetaVerse that will attract sharp and brilliant minds from all fields,
From biotechnology to physics, robotics and coding block-chain II
Anyone who has a say in a distributive technology that he or she would like to present to the world, talk about, socialize about, present to the masses, find funding for, or connect with the right person for the right idea - This is your place.
The Distributive hub of all MetaVerses!

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



As an Architect for the past 12 years, based in Tel-Aviv, and now in Toronto,
I’m pivoting deeper into the MetaVerse every passing day. learning new technologies and software to bring the XR world alive.
I bring with with me not only the passion to see this new world thriving but also the technicality of how to design and execute mega structures.

My vision is to create a mega structure that will bring together sharp thinking minds.
Creating a space not only to communicate and host live events like Ted talks, but also a living city, where technology is being conceived and created.
for anyone who’s not only looking for getting inspired, but also to connect with each other, to bring their Tech dreams come true.


Ground floor:
Street & Networking
1st floor: Commerce & NFT presentation - Sci-fi district/ Babylon5 brown sector
an open market: space for Avatars to communicate buy/sell NFTs.

2nd floor:
Conference/Convention hall: A giant hall suitable for hundreds/thousands (as much as the platform allows) for viewers & participants around the world to take part in presentations of the cutting edge technologies that are being conceived around the world and on the Meta-Hub.

3rd floor
The show room:
Machinery at action: put your model on the platform:
Once you’re preparing to launch your dream into being and you’d like to present it on the platform, you can upload your model as an NFT/GLT/GIF/JPEG on the HUB.
It can either go through the Architect of the Mega Structure - us.
or go through the local architect to the right district (floor/area) of the hub.

4th floor
Streaming- Live streaming your tech/research/thesis/proof of action,
This street/platform offers you to live stream your showcase to the masses, it can operate 24/7 even when the conference hall is not hosting an event.

5th floor: Labs + Meeting rooms:
The Lab area is designed to let you get connected with hands on your product, be it code/ or a groundbreaking line for an AI - here you can get connected with your future partners in a smaller scale up 1:1 to examine your product to a further resolution.


Architect Osher Ari Frank
Architect & 3D artist for the past 12 years, Osher has worked in the leading offices in Tel Aviv, learning how to execute projects from A-Z, from the preliminary phase of planning to assembling the finest details in the construction phase. In the recent years, Osher has turned deeper into the metaverse, learning more and more software, to execute the finest VR+AR environments with considerations to our worlds needs, keeping carbon emissions and green polygons and Mana in mind.
Growing up in Sci-Fi & Fantasy culture he brings with him a giant vision for the future with his love for technology.

Architect Aviv Green.
Mr green is a man of vision & action,
Aviv sees clearly every milestone in a project, where to push, when to recruit more manpower or gear up for a certain mission, and how to enable all the PC’s in his lab to render more smoothly.
His energy and enthusiasm is what any team with a big vision wants on their board, we are lucky to have him!

Architect Max Wolf.
Architect, 3D artist
Max is a young aspiring architect, currently finishing his 2nd year in the school of Architecture,
Max is not only a man of vision who knows no fear of any challenge or task coming to his life!
but also a young creative comic guy with an intense and fun energy!
His creative background of comics fanfic and the marvel and Dc universes brings us just the right kind of creativity we need for this magnificent project.

Roadmap and milestones


1.Establishing the concept of the design:
The creative team will meet once the grant is approved to understand what would be the optimal design to execute a mega-structure on the Decentraland platform.
taking in consideration all building & polygons limitations, the design will start hand in hand with advertisement for launching the project.

  1. Accepting presentations and showcases:
    accepting all solid technologies and ideas from people who would like to present on the platform, the content is being created and delivered by the community.
    content is uploaded either as NFTs/streaming into the Hub.

3.Planing deeper resolution:
As the material is received by the design team: we will deepen our resolution of each floor & street so it can host & accommodate the data/models/NFTs/streaming in a better way.
This is essentially an online ongoing project that with enough capacity will keep the Architect team busy as well as investors/researchers and science enthusiasts.

4.Ongoing events in a Living city/Engaging with your Avatar:
The platform is now ready for day to day lives on the Metaverse.
Once we are ready to launch the project we will announce the first conference with the first 10 presentations of the most impressive groundbreaking technologies.

From this point:
Weekly & Monthly events will be announced and promoted on the WEB 3.0 to gather for the next Conference/SCI-Fi festival ETC.

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I noticed you are asking the DAO for 240,000 USD , yet I noticed you don’t believe in the ecosystem enough to claim your name and hang out with the community.

I will vote no

Sinful, hello,
What do you mean My name is not there?

My name is Osher Ari Frank
Chief Architect of MetaVerse Architects.io
I’m an Architect for the last 12 years, and an MetaVerse Architect for the past year.
This is what im dedicating my lifes work now,
to create a better world, greener, cooler,
to put people ideas and technology together,
The fund is meant to help us recruit a bigger team of architects to build this project,
also it is meant to advertise the project and get more sharp groundbreaking minds in to it,
if this doesn’t sound to you like I believe in the community, I’m wondering what does?

Also If you’d like to see the sketches for it, Ill upload the renderings and the animation for the concept during the coming weekend, please stay tuned:


This wallet has contributed absolutely nothing to this space. Notice how on the name section you have no names claimed. If you would like my personal opinion, first you should build and contribute to the space, meet the community members talk about your ambitions THEN submit a proposal to the DAO.

If you would like to learn how to claim a name feel free to contact me Twitter: @SinfulMeatStick .
that alone will not guarantee you a yes vote but its a start. Make sure to get your name out there and build support and if you have a good idea the community will vote.

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Disruptive Technology & science Hub

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Yes 1% 491 VP (3 votes)
  • No 99% 1,623,306 VP (24 votes)