[DAO: QmSs84k] Create NFT pets

by 0x15170f695347065c43edb438ad694584720a96a7 (Wout#96a7)

Hi all,

Just an idea, but wouldn’t it be could to have a sort of pet to walk behind you?
Something like a wearable people can create with walking and idle animation or someting.

Let me know what you think!


  • Yes, we should have pets
  • No, we don’t need pets
  • Invalid question/options

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I like this idea and could get behind it if they offer something unique. The point of a pet is to have a relationship(reward) which usually costs you something like time and money. If the pets could be used to burn MANA supply perhaps? You have to feed them play with them and take them to the vet. My dog likes to dig up burried things… maybe dogs that dig up randomly placed treasures?? What do you think?

I love this idea! voted yes