[DAO:c2766b9] Pets Slots (land and air)

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I was told to put off launching our walking Dino pets and flying Fairy pets because a “pet slot was coming soon.” THAT WAS OVER TWO YEARS AGO … lol. This proposal is launch these two slots early next month December 2023.

Reason? Aside from being way over due, we created the 10,000+ Waifumon linked fairy pets we would like to go in the air pet slot. As we all know we made a 10,000 Decentraland Dinos collection too we will be giving majority out to the community. (Decentraland Land owners, Active DAO voters, Decentraland Creators, Decentraland Players, Decentraland Influencer’s, MANA Holders, Decentraland Wearable Creators, etc) and would like to do this as a gift for the holidays why it is time sensitive.

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We do not mind these pets being the first beta pets for these slots. We do not mind any ascetic faults or hurdles like clipping or glitches. This will be pre-approve and we can fix all errors with updates and patches just like ever other platform in history. We also understand all other pets (non Waifumon Fairy or DCL Dinos) can cause many other unforeseen issues why we don’t mind this being a beta stage and an additional proposal can be made for the rest of pets or one pet wearable proposal at a time, at that point in time with all included things we learn over this period. We also are open to adjusting this proposal to all ideas mentioned below in this stage or next. Thanks in advance and hope you all enjoying the current festival and holidays!

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Hi @AaronLeupp I have the “Red Heart Glasses Pink Fairy Pet #273” and also “Fairy Little Waifumon Pet #217”. I love those little beings and would enjoy them at my shoulder more often if they had their own category so YES…excited!!!

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There is a way to release a pet already, if you do it as a smart wearable on the tiara category you could even make it walk on its own and even can include interaction buttons and ui with it.

I think its a matter of creativity and be able to work around the current categories, you could give it a go :slight_smile:

We never told that pets will be here as new category, we told that with Smart Wesrables you will be able to do pets, also you can use emotes 2.0 for pets too nowadays

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I’m not so sure a wearable category is the best route for pets.

As mentioned earlier, I think smart wearables and portable experiences are a nice area for implementing pets. Combining the two techs and boom, tons of possibilities.

I would rather see improvements on the platform handling smart wearables. For example, our Coven Quest smart wearable was 5 lines of code and all it did was launch a PX. However, it took forever for people to load the item onto their an avatar and sometimes the wearable didn’t load. So I would like to see improvements there.

To expand on smart wearable + px…a smart wearable has a MB limit of 2-3. A portable experience has a limit of 100MB (world deployment limit). So you can combine a smart wearable pet “ring” to enable your pets portable experience :exploding_head: and share with everyone else using the PX.

Yessss! Thanks @DedHeadJ ,def agree and yes I def can’t wait too! :heart: :woman_fairy:

Yes thanks @InJesterr and theankou also thanks InJesterr for also trying to help us put that into practice too buy helping us make it a smart wearable too means a lot and we need all the help we can get.

Yes @lastraum . Chang the words “rather see” to “also want to see” and 1,000% def agree too. If you ever make a proposal pitching to improve that as well def let me know since will def vote yes on that too.

Lastly def agree with you all on the potential with the smart utility which we too are also working on to make them fly around and walk around. So def open to all help and budget too to helping bring to reality as well since I too can’t wait to test out these new abilities. Really love seeing a lot of OGs voting and commenting here I been seeing around these years still killing it. Truly blessed to be in this space.


Pets Slots (land and air)

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Pets Slots (land and air)

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