[DAO: QmSNz7R] Should pubblication fee be higher?

by 0x85bd6874ce656b3ab058df04d1b64f30b15d350d (Vertual)

I think it is necessary to do a monthly check of the MANA value to align it with the 500$
mentioned in the documentation.
As the mana price needed for publication hasn’t reflected for a long time the value of 500$ it would be nice to align it the first of every month.

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This assumes that people are buying MANA in the moment they publish a wearable. For people that purchased a lump amount of MANA at one particular time, this proposal could be extraordinarily expensive.

Considering that transferring MANA across Ethereum twice to get it from an exchange to a wallet and then swapped to the Polygon network is expensive, a lot of people will try to package transfers into larger sums. This ties people to the price point of MANA at one point in time.

Having a MANA publication rate that fluctuates frequently is inherently opposite to the mechanics of getting MANA into Decentraland, and is therefore not advisable. Crypto is highly volatile…some people will be able to buy MANA for cheap, while others will be stuck with expensive MANA. We shouldn’t penalize the people who hold expensive MANA. The MANA value should be kept fixed at 100, and people should then be allowed to buy MANA when they think they have the best chance of maximizing their purchasing power.

Appreciate your point of view but my poll not assumes that people are buying MANA in the moment they publish but simply as documentation said : pubblication fee must be aligned to 500$.
You are only looking at one side of the coin because if not doing so puts creators who posted months ago at a disadvantage or not??
When people have invested on mana shouldn’t touch on this topic, and people are always allowed to buy MANA when they think it is more profitable . If price is always aligned with 500$ (as documentation said) nobody will take a disadvantage on that.

If you are trying to benchmark against $500USD, then yes, change the required MANA in the moment of publishing so that it is exact. Anything else is unfair to someone.

However, Creators won’t know how much MANA they need until the moment they publish, which means they would have to do two expensive Ethereum transactions every time they intend to publish a wearable.

An alternative would be to change the required MANA by a fixed maximum amount every period of elapsed time (for example, increase or decrease by 5 MANA maximum every 30, 60, or 90 days) if the price of MANA warrants it. (Similar to a central bank interest rate change.) This gives creators time to plan their projects.

I’m happy to see that the DAO lowered the amount; it was prohibitively expensive. I don’t think they need to raise it again simply to protect prior investors. This is crypto; it’s inherently volatile. Creators should be making money from their wearables, not worrying about prior publishing fees. This poll seems like a grievance poll, rather than a poll that makes Decentraland stronger.

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Should pubblication fee be higher?

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Hi, passing by to drop some context about this issue.

Changing the price of the publication fee at the moment requires the coordination of the security advisory board, a group of 5 key holders. It’s not easy to coordinate these efforts recurrently, so the price was dropped one time and it’s currently waiting for a better long-term solution.

The Decentraland Foundation is currently working on a new version of the wearables submission process which updates the payment method of the submission fee. It will be paid in MANA with a value pegged to $500 USD (using the market price of that moment).

Foundation hopes to launch this project soon.

Should pubblication fee be higher?

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

not enough vp