[DAO: QmRHJKX] Send your avatar into actual space! Become the first astronaut of the Metaverse

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Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Community category be approved?


What if you could shoot your DCL avatar into actual space, and be the first and only Avatar in History to be able to claim this?

We are sending a physical tuxedo jacket, a 1 of 3 companion piece to the other two owned by Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye, into space. And with it, one seat for an avatar to be displayed on a screen along side the tux to become the first ever avatar to reach the Stratosphere. The brave virtual astronaut will also be able to display personalized text or video messages. The physical tux, a DCL-wearable tux replica, the video of the space flight, and a 3d NFT animation modeling the tux with original composition by David Bowie’s producer will be awarded to “The Neil Armstrong of the Metaverse.”

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Banquet Labs and legendary NASA fashion designer Nick Graham are following up their groundbreaking Apollo 11-52 mission by crossing a new frontier. We’re offering one lucky and brave Decentraland avatar a first-of-it’s-kind ticket to actual outer-space. Along with the ticket on our screen to space, the lucky winner will own a one-of-three suit, joining the other two owners by the names of Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin. This suit, worn by Bill on the runway and Buzz in his iconic Apollo-11 reunion photo, will also be on the voyage into outer-space. The physical suit and opportunity to see your avatar among the stars also comes with a unique video NFT elegantly modeling the suit, with original music from David Bowie’s musical director and producer.


The funds will go directly to funding the launch into space via company SentIntoSpace and minting a DCL-compatible wearable replica of the legendary tuxedo, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for a brave Decentraland avatar to reach into the cosmos and become the “Neil Armstrong of the Metaverse."


Nick Graham: https://nickgraham.com/, Nicholas Graham - Wikipedia,

Nick is an iconic fashion designer, founding several successful consumer brands, and notably known for his work designing for NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin. Nick was a leading partner bringing the Apollo 11-52 wearable collection and experience to Decentraland in July.

Banquet: https://twitter.com/banquetlabs, https://banquetlabs.carrd.co/, «The Eagle Has Landed» — Apollo 11 Launches from the Moon to the Metaverse | Decentraland Events, https://market.decentraland.org/browse?assetType=item&section=wearables&isMap=false&isFullscreen=false&vendor=decentraland&page=1&sortBy=recently_listed&onlyOnSale=true&search=apollo

Banquet is a full-service NFT studio designed to launch creatively ambitious cultural figures into the heart of the metaverse. Banquet produced NASA’s first wearable collection, APOLLO 11-52, on the anniversary of the historic lunar landing. We are about to release a flurry of projects over the next 60 days with partners like DaBaby, Aluna, Pristine Jewelry, FeltZine, Robert Zuckerman, MetaKey, Decentraland, Jordan Belfort, and more.

Roadmap and milestones

  1. Auction bundled package of physical suit, video NFT, and DCL wearable Mid-November to December on Portion.io
  2. Throw auction party at Portion’s spaceship museum in Voltaire district.
  3. 2 weeks later, send everything into space.
  4. Send physical tux and companion NFTs to winner of bid.

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Has this proposal been discussed anywhere? I didn’t find it on discord. I think the idea is sound, this will make a nice publicity stunt but… I don’t understand the business case - in fact, this proposal does not present a business case. I think this is self funding. You need quotes from Nick Graham (how much for his work both physical and the DCL NFT) and from SentIntoSpace. Then hold the auction. If the total take exceeds these amounts we proceed with the good idea. If not, we don’t. Why does the DAO need to fund this? Also, I think we should make it a point of habit to build some funds (OK, times right now are very good, but that won’t always be the case). I’d suggest a minimum of 5% of the total profit to be allocated to a DAO treasury for funding future initiatives. In short, I think the idea is very good but the business case is not made and I don’t think it needs a grant. If I’ve missed something, please explain (but I really do want to see some basic business plan and a discussion before we allocate funds - otherwise this is not an operational DAO)

Hey! I’m part of the team who submitted this. Appreciate the feedback. We are planning to revise / resubmit this proposal and address these concerns, but I just wanted to take the time to reply here as well.

The objective with this project is, in part, to mark the beginning of a new technological era, much like NASA did in the 60s – except DCL is our NASA. We want to show this parallel specifically to newcomers from a wider audience who might have a limited or one dimensional understanding of NFTs and wearables, with DCL as the landscape that makes it all possible. In short, we want to be evangelists; we want to spread the word with something as eye catching as sending a tuxedo into space.

The other part of our objective is inward-facing towards the community. We found ourselves with an amazing opportunity to provide legendary artifacts (physical and wearable tux + original score by Bowie’s producer) and a historic experience to someone in the community. With other virtual worlds and games with avatars to choose from, we simply believe in DCL. We think it’s pretty cool to have an avatar from DCL be first into space even for those (including myself) who are watching from the ground.

Those are the objectives, but I know your concerns are with the business case and costs. The numbers are pretty straight forward.

Will definitely include this in the revised proposal, but in short, the quote from SentIntoSpace is 12K. There’s also the actual shipping back and forth of the physical tux, and the PR retainer, so it will likely end up closer to around 15K. I went into so much detail above outlining our objectives because, as you can see, we can really only hope to just break even on this project. The actual feat itself, evangelist reach, and opportunity for the community is much more important to us.

I hope this answers some of your concerns! Feedback on everything is super important to us, so please hit me back with any questions or suggestions on how to make this work better for everyone. As I said before, we do plan on revising and resubmitting, but I want to take a few days to give us a chance to talk further (if you want) before I do so. Feel free to hit me on discord as well alllowercase#8153 :blush: Thank you!