[DAO:hf6jnou] The mobile game QUANTUMSPACE, portal in the NFT Galleryu QUANTUMSPACE in DCL

by 0x4a763f2d801906c321a9a46b3cc137c3439b59fa (BINA#59fa)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


We are a decentralized team of indie artists, architects, animators and programmers. Inspired by the Burning Man phenomenon, we created NFT Gallery QUANTUMSPACE, an artistic prototype of our assembly point in the metaverse Decentraland. It was a real Arrival for us! The divine hands and levitating stone are a symbol that contains the great power of art! Our gallery lasted a couple of months NFT Gallery QUANTUMSPACE in Decentraland - YouTube
We really want to reopen it, in a better way, but more on that later. Based on this concept of our prototype, we want to create a casual mobile game in the runner genre. After finishing the mobile game, the user will go to NFT Gallery QUANTUMSPACE in Decentraland. This will help attract an audience.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The casual 3D mobile game QUANTUMSPACE IO/Android is a future PORTAL, a tunnel, an attraction, an allegorical bridge leading to our future NFT Gallery QUANTUMSPACE and into the metaverse Decentraland.
Game description:
Plan A:
The essence of the game is that a character on a board gets into a portal and rushes through it like a roller coaster, getting different visual experiences, collecting coins, dodging obstacles and more. The design and theme of the portal modules will echo that of the gallery in DCL.

Plan B:
PvP game, locations small planets, character collects items at speed with opponent
(this idea was a priority at first, but I like the attraction idea better now!
Option will be picked up at the stage of drawing up the terms of reference)

artstation.com/artwork/B3LZP9 concept,creatives,3d sketch of Plan B game mechanics
opensea.io/collection/qybertiger777 collection

This approach solves problems such as:
-Attracting new users
-Awareness of DCL
-Involvement in DCL.
-Gamifying the DCL registration process.
-Awareness and familiarity with the gallery locations.
-Example to implement a similar idea for DCL developers.
-After game completion, an integrated gameplay must-have and quick guide on how to get to the gallery and DCL to continue playing.
-A reward in the form of a ticket Qybertiger 7777 NTF, we will try to implement such an idea as adding a link to the address of the gallery in the DCL. www.artstation.com/artwork/D5reay


Also getting a grant will help us rent land for the gallery with the possibility of buying it, update the design, think about the gameplay of the quest in the gallery, and most importantly create a mobile game and gallery!
We are masters of conceptual art, with a voluminous and complex vision for the project. We really want to have a space to realize all our creative ideas in Decentraland where we could share, exhibit, sell and send art to the real world, for example, we can open locations with such themes, which we would like to implement in DCL in phases in the future:
-3D architecture for DCL artstation.com/artwork/YKZYqY concepts.
-Burning Man style sculptures
-Design furniture
-Live events and concerts, every day at the same time on our stage
-Create a rave atmosphere with our talented composers of modern, atmospheric music https://abstrasensionrec.bandcamp.com/
-Author vinyl records
-NFT, 10% of profits to give to NFT owners, 10% of profits to give to homeless animal shelters


Founders of the idea

  1. Modeller
    Albina Pugina-Dellolio, character development /architect, artist-developer, fullstack, artlead, 3d/2d, more than 10 years experience
  2. Modeller
    Andrey Psheratsky, environment development /architect, artist-developer, fullstack, artlead, 3d/2d, more than 10 years experience
  3. animator, modeler
    Johnny Fox, animation, technical artist-developer, fullstack, artlead, 3d/2d, more than 10 years experience
  • And our golden collection of people we have worked with and produced successful products, ready to join the project if successful
  1. Producer
    6.Game Designer
    8.Marketing specialist
    With technical support Портфолио разработчика мобильных игр, приложений, сайтов и обучающих проектов

Roadmap and milestones

Creating Terms of Reference
Interface and design

Starting from the second month +2/3 specialists
Creation of a game/nft site - win, buy, donate
Administering a telegram channel Telegram: Contact @QUANTUMSPACE_GAME where you will be able to monitor the progress of the project

From month 4 land lease in DCL
Design, zoning, gallery modeling

Approximate hourly rate per specialist $20 per hour
The approximate logic of the calculation:
Multiply $20 per hour by 8 hours per day = $160 per workday.
Multiply $160 by 20 workdays=$3 200 per month for 1 specialist.
Multiply $3200 per month by 8 specialists=$25 600 per month.
Multiply $25 600 by 6 months of development = $153 600.
But not all specialists will be involved during the whole period of development, there will be more than 8 developers, so the hourly rate will be $20

  • Rent or buy 4/6 parsel land
    +Development of the gallery

We will try to reach self-sufficiency as soon as possible, and create more games

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“We are masters of conceptual art…”
This is definitely conceptual indeed. It doesn’t seem that you have a clear gameplan and are still in the idea phase. You’re looking to receive between $154k-240k for a vague idea and you haven’t yet bothered to buy your name.

I won’t bother to comment on the idea(s) since they aren’t firm yet,

Please create a more solidified gameplan and, preferably, start some work then retry.

Good afternoon!
Thanks for the feedback.
A dream written down on paper becomes a reality, the main thing is to start, which we did!
Perhaps the description of all our ideas so far sounds abstract, but we will definitely work through all these points and try again in the near future.

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The mobile game QUANTUMSPACE, portal in the NFT Galleryu QUANTUMSPACE in DCL.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 99% 3,709,593 VP (48 votes)