[DAO: Qme7WQT] The New Babylon - An Exploration of New Metaverse City Prototype

by 0x05060fa97e54a812d1e15cec6c34e79f74ebd0b3 (MetaLiveStudio)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Decentraland is getting better and better. With an increasing number of users, events and buildings, we believe in the future of Decentraland, and we want to push it forward through our expertise. However, as professional architects and urban designers, we found it tough to find a city or district with real Metaverse-style city planning, a friendly traffic system for users, and sufficient motivations to attract visitors and projects. Thus, we are here to bring our solutions, to build a prototype as a future metaverse city that is fancy, walking-friendly and vivid!

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



A. Usage of Grant: The grant will be used for the development of scenes and experience.

B. The New Babylon City Prototype Size: about 30 parcels (Sponsored by Republic Realm)

For more information, please visit: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio

C. Problem Statement: What are the challenges for Decentraland CIties and Districts?

  1. City Planning is Toooooo Traditional for Metaverse

Most of the city projects in Decentraland are similar to real life, which is extremely “wired“ from our perspectives. On the one hand, most of the current planning practice ideas did not echo the culture of Metaverse. On the other hand, most city planning did not echo metaverse characteristics, including no-gravity, infinity light, and programming integration.

  1. Virtual Cities are Difficult to maintain vitality

The vitality of the city needs user traffic. And the traffic of the city relies on the projects and activities inside. However, the current activities are too decentralized that make city hard to concentrate their users. It is very easy to see big cities with cool structures but have no constant user.

  1. User-unfriendly in Short Distance travel

Teleport functions make traditional long-distance vehicles meaningless, but people need to walk more enjoyable and efficiently in a short distance. We found out that only less than one per cent of people would use teleport within 8 parcels distance. And there is a lack of infrastructure that enable people to move faster and have more fun.

For more information, please visit: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio

D. Our Vision:

“Create a fancy, walking-friendly and vivid city in Decentraland - The New Babylon”

For more information, please visit: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio


E. Strategy and Solutions

(Please see our diagrams and rendering on our webpage: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio)

  1. Create a new prototype for virutal city that is fancy and professional

i. New Babylon City will be the hi-tech and futuristic style

ii. New Babylon City will be a floating and moving city taking advantage of Metaverse physics

iii. New Babylon City will be formed by “Platforms“, it is a platform for Decentraland users, creators and all kinds of DCLers.

  1. Adding Rewards System for both Visitors and Project & Event holders, Creating Various Experience and Activate the City

i. The New Babylon City will hold design and development (Oriented with Architecture and city) events and competitions with rewards.

ii. The New Babylon City will develop mini-games for Decentraland users with POAP.

iii. The New Babylon City will publish NFTs to reward POAP holders and active participants.

iv. Project & Event holders can enjoy our support ( Discount rents, Monetary reward, rare NFTs and various resources from our strong partners and ourselves.

v. More incentives will come in the future…

  1. Developing Traffic System to improve the short distance travel experience

i. New Babylon City will publish a comprehensive traffic system for short-distance moving. Users can choose to walk, run through the “game corridor”, and use the teleport gate.

ii. New Babylon City will provide public facilities and landscapes for people to see, visit, and play.

For more information, please visit: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio


F. Team

Charlie: Proposal Initiator/ Architect & Developer

Founder of Meta Live Studio with extensive experience in Decentraland development, 10 years of professional architecture training and practice experience.

Arleo: Proposal Initiator/ Architect & Urban Researcher

Architecture PHD Candidate, 12 years of architecture design and research experience, expertise in virtual political economy, sociology and philosophy.

Bill: Business Advisor

Virtual Real Estate investment and business expert with 30 years of Real Estate professional experience, expertise in Virtual Real Estate M&A and Development

For more information, please visit: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio

G. Partnership with Republic Realm, which is the premier digital real estate investor and developer in the metaverse.

Roadmap and milestones

H. Roadmap

Stage one: 15. 07. 2021 - 15.08.2021 City Constructing

Within this period, the city will have its shape and fancy structures, which mean it will start to be fancy and futuristic!

Stage two: 15. 08. 2021 - 15.09 .2021 Transportation System Adding

We will add more experience and transportation system (see above), and we will invite users to experience and have fun in this brand new city!

Stage three: 15. 09. 2021 - 15.10 .2021 Finalisation of infrastructure but Keep Evolving

The development of the city’s infrastructure will finish, rewards system will start to publish and evolve. Project and event holders will start to come and settle, regular events for Decentraland users will start to be held in this brand new city.

For more information, please visit: New Babylon Proposal (🔥) — Meta Live Studio

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Meta City Update #1 :

  • We have changed the name from Meta Babylon City to Meta City, as it will represent the first metaverse-style city, so we want to show more inclusiveness in the name.

  • We have added more content to the city and update the website (renderings).

Welcome for comments and feedback anytime!

Meta City Update #2


Design and Model constructing

UFO traffic route added

Updated! Leaving more space for future tenants! Meta City is not a city on its own, it will be the future infrastructure for future tenants! They will share traffic, enjoy the benefits of each other by siting in this metaverse city!

The first trial!

Adding background and tentative buildings for tenants

Muscle doge came to Meta City! The first group of Meta Citizen

Static scene close to finish

Meta City Update: https://twitter.com/Metalivestudio/status/1427305355424452620

Meta City Update: https://twitter.com/Metalivestudio/status/1427564968870830086