[DAO: QmNoZf8] Metaverse VR/Desktop Ride Simulator Experience

by 0x2d779a930567f54899336c3f7f2dbaf804a25c78 (AnimatorKirk#5c78)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Create an interactive immersive VR/Desktop Ride Simulator Attraction within Decentraland.

Grant size

160,000 USD

Beneficiary address



I, Kirk Gonzales, the CEO of Animation Studio Lightspeed Graphics, LLC (lightspeedgfx.com) is requesting a grant of $160,000 to build a Metaverse Ride Simulator Attraction experience within Decentraland.

Lightspeed Graphics is an Animation studio from California producing 2D Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, AR/VR, Game Design and Visual Effects. Lightspeed Graphics was launched in 2017 to create multimedia digital video experiences, commercial advertising, and graphic design, and would like to be the first to develop a new and exciting animated attraction within Decentraland.

The Lightspeed Graphics team believes in the need to bring Virtual Reality and storytelling as a truly rewarding and engaging experience to face challenges like user adoption, market size capture, and player satisfaction or retention among many other determinants. The VR industry will become more prevalent and interconnected to metaverse web3 applications as we reach mass adoption in the coming years and as new projects make their own unique metaverse-like experience.

The idea was inspired by the classic Ride Simulator Attractions seen at amusement parks, exhibits or tech museums that have been enjoyed for generations. We believe bringing this ride simulator experience into the metaverse will help bring value to Decentraland and help transition real world attractions or experiences into a connected metaverse experience.

Veteran players and new players from AR/VR users, gamers, developers, film industry specialists, MX specialists and quite possibly well-known companies like Dynamic Attractions are all part of the target audience as we carve a space for VR/Desktop Ride Simulator Attractions.

The Lightspeed Graphics Team and any additional contractors will work closely together to develop a first of its kind Metaverse VR/Desktop Ride Simulator Attraction with a complete narrative storyline, interactivity and future multiplayer experience.


The VR/Desktop Ride simulator will be accessible to the public and be distinguishable by the ‘Jump 2 Lightspeed’ logo. The size will need to be at least a 3x3 estate. The first adventure will be completely free to the public to ride indefinitely and be a learning experience for returning and new users to Decentraland. A crafting system will guide players to create unique wearables, in-game items and trade systems. Later, story add-ons called ‘Arcs’ will be gated by an initial purchase of an NFT, tickets, or subscription.

Once the Player has been granted access and has clicked the Ride Simulator, they are transported to a fixed chair position with the user’s perspective locked to the view of their avatar, while other avatars can be seen filling empty chair slots, (multiplayer experience), as the ride makes its final countdown to launch. Sponsored videos (will play during the countdown process to and promote other adventures, events, and activities throughout DCL.

Once the countdown has completed, no other players can join that adventure instance at this point. The lights dim and the animated adventure on screen begins playing.
The user has the option to enter fullscreen and see the entire video experience with a full monitor takeover, while the Oculus Headset user is now able to do a full headset takeover.
The game itself will feel like a rollercoaster ride through space, complete with narrative, voice over performances. Future development will bring the ability to fire and aim at targets with the mouse or Oculus controllers, making it a complete interactive game.


Lightspeed Graphics:
Kirk Gonzales (CEO / Lead Designer)
Twitter Handle: @AnmtrKirk
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/kirkgonzales

About Me: I attended college for a B.A. from 2007 to 2011 in film and video production to learn everything needed behind movies, visual journalism and music videos. Later I worked in television as a fulltime editor, sound engineer and floor operator, before committing full time to my 3D animation. I developed scripts, storyboards, graphics, and character design to develop 2D and 3D animated corporate and commercial videos for fortune 500 clients. I evolved into a client success manager, responsible for creating complete marketing plans and design content for clients with budgets well over $150,000 - $250,000. In 2017 I founded Lightspeed Graphics and have continued to grow the company ever since.

Yves Decastro (Operations Manager)

Sonny Gonzales (Outreach & Program Manager)

Zesty Market (Technologies Consultant & Advertising Partner)
Zesty is a p2p rental protocol for billboards in the metaverse. We help virtual space builders generate revenue from their creations by monetizing the traffic that visits the area using ads. We’ve developed an open-source, community-managed SDK that is compatible with any 3D world. With this SDK also comes a data analytics component which provides traffic data across the metaverse. All auctions for the billboards are handled by a smart contract deployed on the Polygon network.

Additional partnerships to be considered

Roadmap and milestones

June 2022: $62,500
Buy Land
Update Website
Land Asset Development

July 2022: $22,000
Game Asset Development

August 2022: $20,500
Alpha Release

September 2022: $20,500
In-Game Marketplace
NFT/Resources Integration
AD Revenue

October 2022: $20,500
Beta Release

November 2022: $14,000
Finalize Publish v1.0

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Regardless if you vote Yes or No, please provide any and all criticism that may help us improve this experience.


Land Opportunity:

Option A: Purchasing Estate

Currently we have our eyes set on any size larger than a 3x3 Estate.

Market availability is limited, with the only conjoined parcel sitting at estimated 41,000.

Option B: Rent land

Anyone with undeveloped land with at least 3x3 please let us know, we are willing to optimize the budget to accommodate a smaller aski if we can secure anything for rent at a lower cost to us.

Stay updated with our project timeline, meetings, and milestones on our Public Google Calendar:


I would buy land first to show commitment and then ask for grant money.

Hi xxx2201138,

I really appreciate the feedback! However I would disagree that buying land is not the necessary component to show our commitment to the project. Months of planning, preparation and many many conversations with the Decentraland community and MANA holders has come to the conclusion that securing land, first and foremost is an important foundational step. Our hard work and determination to ride this into completion will be our commitment to the project, Decentraland, and MANA. Any funding (for any project/campaign of this size) needs to be secured first before any of plan of action is initiated. If we do not secure funding our timeline changes, but the goals and ideas remain the same.

I would also not that buying land is much like any other business buying land anywhere else. Capital is needed to secure land which the proposal (in this case) is used for.

Let me know if I’ve answered any questions and explained thoroughly why grant money for land is more than just a land grab in our situation.

Thank you!

My vote is a NO.

This proposal seems another cash grab but now using the VR thing just to make the folks vote yes. Honestly, this doesn’t bring any value to Decentraland, and here is why:

1 - Decentraland has not an official VR version so I’m not sure why even mentioning it.
2 - If you had this same proposal without the ‘VR thing’, it won’t be even close to 10K. In that sense, the project you want to create is something easy which won’t be hard to adapt when the VR version comes out.
3 - 160K for being inside of an animation? really :rofl:? why not fund an entire video game with that money?
4 - How many times can an average user enter the attraction? one? maybe two? I’m sorry but it’s not fun after the second time. And most people hate to watch ads.
5 - You are asking for 160K and not showing even a screenshot of a prototype ???
6 - Buying land??? You can perfectly rent.

People forget that real-life attractions are fun because we release adrenaline and endorphins. I guess you can make a simulation but that won’t be even close to a real one to justify 160K.




Hi @Tobik

Completely understand where you are coming from! Let me explain why I think some of the reasons are not entirely accurate.

  1. Decentraland, at the current moment, does not have a integrated VR experience, but with development well under way, we can see potential for a completely VR integrated experience. Planning and development can take months, even years, as you can see Decentraland in its entirety isn’t the finished product we would like to see either. Second, mentioning VR is important to me because I am personally and admirably in love with VR and it is a true passion of mine, so it’s only natural and makes sense that I would want to plan a few years of my life developing something I am entirely passionate about.

2 & 3. This IS a video game. The mechanics involved into creating a video game animated experience with layers of design, voice acting, sound design, integrating all these mechanics into a desktop experience first and a VR experience later, introducing multiplayer, and many more stories to follow, while letting players collect and build items with a tradable economy through decentraland’s SDK is the definition of a game; you’re right it’s not close to $10k, it’s not even close to $160k. I understand that $160k sounds like a lot, but divided amongst a team of people over 5-6 months really isn’t.

  1. This is very opinionated and I understand where you are coming from, but I’m sorry we hardly have any attractions as it is, I don’t think we have enough information to presume that something like this which hasn’t been done before yet, would be unsuccessful presuming users “only wanting to do it once”. You are also presuming we haven’t taken this into account, as we plan to introduce variations of the gameplay with a way to earn rewards for repeating adventures on this story as well as many other storylines down the line.

  2. Without funding to hire a full team these things can take time as we just began development in May. Our timeline relies on the fact this grant would allow us to work with a larger team. You can stay updated with our website at lightspeedgfx.com and soon j2ls.io which is in development according to our roadmap. If you were to ask anyone, securing funding is the first step in starting any project or campaign and since we’re already an established business working with budgets such as these, the need to build a prototype wasn’t necessary knowing full well we will continue with or without the grant, but this means our timeline would be adjusted for it.

  3. Yes, we 100% believe buying land means we are at a level of commitment that a project renting land might not have the same effect. It’s also important that we established a point of interest quickly. We do understand that renting is cheaper, and we have made adjustments to our next proposal if we do not make the VP to buy land in this round. We would also be willing to enter into escrow with the land and let the DAO hold it until the projects fully releases a viable threshold.

P.S. There is nothing “sus” about these ideas, visions and plans with all the personal work and time I’ve already put into the game, and this project. I can assure you I am real person with real intent to make Decentraland fun. You can 100% contact me personally at Anmtrkirk@gmail.com and I would be happy to jump on a Video Chat or Phone call to explain why this is both a personal project and professional one to also make my company a permanent part of the metaverse and Decentraland.

I appreciate your input and I hope I could have changed your mind as we release more updates in the coming months.



Could you please provide us with a link to an experience or at least a static scene that you or your team built inside Decentraland? Thanks!

Happy to show our progress! @ginoct

We are having our second meeting today with a blog update to follow and include more photos stay tuned!

After talking to you I decided to actually read everything. Thanks for speaking with me genuinely, I appreciate that.

short version, numbers look good. I don’t think this will ever fly with the community though, I had to actually talk to you to come at this from a place of understanding. everything you put in here makes sense and your not asking for that much if you consider it. 39% of the ask being allocated to the “building”, staff and “equipment” (land, digital asset development) is pretty solid. Some examples of work from the team you would hire would be tight.

Could you do it for waaaaaay less? Sure, no way you’d meet that timeline though.

I got like 7 VP wth do I know!

“I’m just a dude disguised as a dude playing another dude…” -Tony Stark
(it’s supposed to be ironic and funny)

Hi aLBakwurdz,

I really appreciate you taking a look! Definitely means a lot!

@ginoct @Tobik @Kyllian @Matimio I have a blog I’m updating with development notes. If you’d like to keep updated with my progress towards the game.

See it here: https://www.lightspeedgfx.com/blog

Metaverse VR/Desktop Ride Simulator Experience

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 13% 193,596 VP (26 votes)
  • No 87% 1,221,365 VP (13 votes)

I like your idea and find it worthy of further investigation and consideration.

AR/VR implementation is a must, however I am at the moment undecided, that is a lot of money while the world is on fire.

@218 Hi thank you for liking the idea!

We will continue to work on this project and release updated in the next 6 - 12 months and revisit a budget that’s community vetted for a resubmission in 30-60 days.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me and the team.


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