[DAO: Qme7dbv] Add Chibilabs to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0xadb8b3879e51cccd895266316bfea011b02fdb86 (BizzleWear)

Should Chibilabs be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NFT Collections Description

Chibi Genesis up to 200 pieces
Chibi Apes 3000 pieces, sold out first day
Chibi Galaxy 3500 pieces, sold out in 2 days.
Chibi Frens 10,000 pieces, part public sale part claimable. 7100/10,000 have been bought or claimed.

Items to be Uploaded


Intellectual Property

The founders of this project are @Chibifabs, @MatSposta and @NFtSNiPeRbOt on twitter. Each of our profiles say co-founder in Chibilabs. Happy to share whatever information is required. Thank you


We have a strong community of NFT holders. ~3,300 unique holders across 4 collections. All of our NFTs come with full IP ownership of 3d Models. We token gate the .glb and .fbx files per each NFT via chibilabs.io. Our community has enjoyed DCL and we have gained a gold star as a point of interest for our estate in DCL. We have thrown multiple parties with 1000-2000 ppl online. We have made a few wearables for DCL. One Chibi Hoodie, One pair of Chibi Shoes. We also added Chibi Ape #2 as a Skin accessory and dropped that all of our holders via Bizzle Wear. Tonight we are uploading 4 more skins to the Wearable marketplace. We’d love to explore linked wearables given that all of our traits have been made generatively in 3d art.

Smart Contract Addresses

  • 0xC49a9AB342b6ea66792D4110e9cA0ab36e3a5674
  • 0x5AEb2a703323F69b20F397BCB7B38610EC37237b
  • 0x4Ef0Fe82B42B6104BbcEB69E764AbD2050aCfdd4
  • 0x65922260237378b75Fd2FEf9f6236ab1dD5776AA

Manager Addresses

  • 0xc4cac68F2cE80c328dAbCfEE4BEBC48ca34B66E6
  • 0xD457adC3B0C658063e2e445b0ab07D2110e715e1
  • 0xAc0B0CD0268B5A9166De11A94E931E8e0cAD1DbB

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • Yes


3D Models created in blender, then programmatically generated with python scripts.

We would start with Chibi Apes as our first collection with Linkedin Wearables. 134 assets (or 3D modeled traits).

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LFG also would be nice if eventually the ui team could incorporate chibi skeletons.

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Add Chibilabs to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 11% 441,751 VP (31 votes)
  • No 1% 39,866 VP (2 votes)