[DAO: Qmd4gxS] Add Kollectiff to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Should Kollectiff be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NFT Collections Description

The Metaverse Travel Agency is a cyberpunk-themed wearable NFT collection featuring 6,000 unique wearable Metahelmets. We have a passionate community of holders who are champing at the bit to get their helmets into DCL and start exploring. We launched the project in October of 2021, and since then we’ve built this community around our stellar design as well as our mission to create wearables you can take anywhere in the metaverse - unique avatars you can maintain across metaverses as your “perma-identity.” Linked wearables in DCL is integral to that vision! We’ve purchased 6 plots of land in DCL and are launching a massive HQ for the project in a few short weeks where we’ll host tons of awesome events, quests, and game for our holders!

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Intellectual Property

Here is a screenshot showing proof of having admin access to the Metaverse Travel Agency Opensea collection:

(you can see up at the top of the page the options to “Add Item” and edit the page, which only admins would be able to see)

And a screenshot of proof of having access to a Kollectiff email account:

Here are screenshots of proof of having access to the MTA Twitter account (@theMTAofficial) and admin access to the MTA Discord:


Kollectiff is a Web3 design brand that’s been partnered with Decentraland since our inception. We’re dedicated to creating unique wearables and interactive experiences that you can bring anywhere in the metaverse. We partnered with DCL for the fashion festival in March where we built “The Metaloop” - a fashion runway event that featured dozens of quality digital fashion brands (Perry Ellis, IKKS, Anrealage, Cider, DressX, and more). We helped these brands build their DCL wearables and bring them onto the platform. We also built Acura’s DCL HQ which just launched. We plan to bring more big brands into DCL, and we’d love to have the opportunity to bring our own wearable NFT collection in a continued collaboration with the DCL community!

Smart Contract Address

  • 0xBD888e50969748805cDF77bCF283fEbE493f190c

Manager Address

  • 0x468cCd8Cda9D4f9414a41220F6B08E8d5E9F3D16

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • Yes


We used our proprietary software to programmatically generate our collection using more than 100 traits. The repository is private and cannot be shared.

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Add Kollectiff to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Add Kollectiff to the Linked Wearables Registry

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