[DAO: QmTZjaH] Add NFT Studios - Linked Wearables to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Should NFT Studios - Linked Wearables be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NFT Collections Description

Through CryptoMotors, Voxel Architects, PixelChain, and Raregotchi, we have created collections of NFT cars, 3D buildings, game assets, crypto-art, digital furniture, and smart wearables.

We’ve also developed successful NFT projects like Tom Sachs’ Rocket Factory, Hackatao’s Queens+Kings, and E1337 by WhaleShark.Pro.

All these projects can become a broad collection of awesome wearables made by artists, brands, and communities that Decentraland users already know, enjoy, and love.

Items to be Uploaded


Intellectual Property

As NFT Studios, we own the Intellectual Property rights on any asset created by CryptoMotors, Voxel Architects, Raregotchi, PixelChain, and E1337.pro.

On top of that, through our long-term partnerships with Hackatao and Tom Sachs, we can ensure that any wearable asset from Queens+Kings and Rocket Factory projects will not implicate any IP rights infringement.


At NFT Studios, we are passionate about NFTs. We’re committed to bringing the highest quality assets to Decentraland.

Since 2018, we’ve raised the bar of NFT interoperability with high-utility NFT products and companies like CryptoMotors, PixelChain, and Voxel Architects.

Through our OG Metaverse architecture firm Voxel Architects we’ve created some of the most stunning 3D buildings in Decentraland for many renowned brands, communities, and artists, providing unique interactive experiences for DCL citizens.

Some of these projects include ConsenSys and NFT42’s headquarters; the B20 Museum; Bitbuzz, Max Stealth, and 100xART’s crypto art galleries; the Not Fungible Arts Complex, the Auroboros showspace for the MVFW event, and many more.

Smart Contract Addresses

  • 0xbb869f884186c3cba0ffa89ab84980cb86f8744d
  • 0x6b00de202e3cd03c523ca05d8b47231dbdd9142b
  • 0xfdb760b4de27fd1a3377840bf502ebc0732a5d9d
  • 0x42a5c85d1fbb489da4d26bfd4c5cbad558ee8818
  • 0xc26b93e8c0723c4e259f76a519e67ad6627c67b8
  • 0xc26b93e8c0723c4e259f76a519e67ad6627c67b8
  • 0x30a2fa3c93fb9f93d1efeffd350c6a6bb62ba000
  • 0x9e1f3e8db4d1119894624632499eaed1e56d2b1d
  • 0xbc0e164ee423b7800e355b012c06446e28b1a29d
  • 0xa383d6bb58e0583bb6cee40f3c442e1b16e6958f

Manager Addresses

  • 0x7df748C0587FfE7e30bB10D5E28d611D408591e4
  • 0xE8bF704e1e27067c664177A851166021E96C1071
  • 0x344E126b12B412fFD95adeA47AdB94d6Afa2b97a
  • 0xC8c4Ab6E1e7dcC4e2957244baBa86ED937dc0eE8

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • No

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Add NFT Studios - Linked Wearables to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Add NFT Studios - Linked Wearables to the Linked Wearables Registry

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