[DAO:yeawj3y] Add NO NAME STUDIOS - Digital Fashion Co-Creation to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0x6a89560c4acd7100a8bf099819d213261865a346 (BOXHEAD)

Should NO NAME STUDIOS - Digital Fashion Co-Creation be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NO NAME STUDIOS is a digital fashion house based in co-creation.
We join artists, designers and collectors to bring to life our vision for the future of fashion and the metaverse.
Each stage of the production process will be fulfilled by a different contributor becoming a co-creator of NO NAME STUDIOS.

We will introduce regular themes for seasonal and capsule collections, extract inspiration from the current pieces in our collections, and at anytime in the process your design could become part of NO NAME STUDIOS, the brand.

We are also releasing a Membership Jacket NFT for our members to wear as a way of showing their support to the brand.


NFTs & Web3 bring a new era in which people are regaining control over their digital presence, their digital identities and ultimately, their digital impact.
FASHION IS EXPRESSION & COMMUNICATION, we can all relate to clothing as people.

It wouldn’t make sense to us to create a fashion brand without giving our collectors the chance to wear the pieces in the Metaverse, Decentraland being our preferred platform.

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Intellectual Property

Here’s a link to the JOYN.xyz profile where I started creating Campaigns for NO NAME STUDIOS.
As you can see I am the owner and creator of the project (Boxhead).

In this screenshot you can see I am the owner of @nonamestudios Twitter account, which is linked on NO NAME STUDIOS’ website and OpenSea.

Smart Contract Addresses

  • 0xb5976F8008eA3e989870584c37cf9b7c1DfEC8dd
  • 0x598A99fa9908400700519245B7C27f883340B62C

Manager Addresses

  • 0x074C7de6E14f758F61Ae0b263f3760586e9c8B89
  • 0x6a89560c4acD7100a8BF099819d213261865A346

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  • No

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I would love to receive feedback from those voting NO :pray:

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Love the idea of patches and pins, how do you see this translating to DCL?

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Thank you! My first thought is to refresh the wearable model to reflect the evolved NFT, the Membership Jacket NFTs will be dynamic. For big events I’m thinking the patches or other commemorative assets will be accessories that holders can choose to add to their jackets.

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What a fun idea, but how will one add to the jacket as accessories? Will they be new wearables in say an earring slot that then appears on the jacket? If this is the case, I’d worry about clipping, but could be a really interesting use, if that’s even possible.

Yes exactly! In terms of clipping, it will all come down to accurate weight painting on the 3D model :wink:
I imagine we will go through a bit of trial and error for sure!

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Love this, I look forward to what you create with this!

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thank you so much! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Do you have any information about previous community interaction under the no name brand and how much of your community is already integrated or active in dcl?

I see that you currently have a total of 8 owners of these wearables so I do not see how this will have a large community impact. Also as some of these pieces are 1/1 as ERC-721s, it does not seem inclusive or widely accessible to justify being a linked wearable. I would expect there to be some demand to have these as linked wearables before their integration instead of having the integration be used as a selling point. How many membership jackets will be released?

The wearables do look very high quality and the designs are very stylish. Have you considered airdropping regular wearables to holders instead? I understand these won’t be transferrable without the nft linked but it is a possibility in the shorter term as the project gains more traction.

Have you created DCL versions of these and verified they fit within the file size and poly limits for dcl?


Just noticed I missed a character when linking to twitter!
Here’s the correct profile.

Hey mattimus, thank you for your observations, I hope I can answer all your questions below.
We are at an early stage in the consolidation of the brand.
So far we’ve been building the brand presence by creating contests based in co-creation, involving artists and using their art as inspiration to create 3D garments. These have been minted as ERC-721s and airdropped to the winners of these contests. We plan to do this regularly but NO NAME will generate 3 large collections per year on ERC-1155 (10-20 garments per collection, 100-500 editions each), several capsule collections (2-5 garments, also editions), merch, the membership jackets (we’re still debating the number of tokens we will offer for our first Era, probably something around 1k combining all 3 tiers) as well as 1/1 pieces for special events. Here’s a link to our ecosystem where you can get a better idea of the assets we will generate. Please do also feel free to check our website where you’ll find more details of how the brand will work.

We’re applying to be added to the registry this early on because from day one we didn’t want our wearables to be airdrops but to be a direct representation of the NFTs our community will be purchasing. For a digital fashion brand I think this is absolutely key as the fashion items are not an add on to the NFT collection like other projects but the core of what we create.

I’m working on the wearable versions of our current 1/1s at the moment. You can see a WIP below, I will adjust the designs accordingly to the DCL limits while keeping as much integrity of the original design as possible. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you for answering my questions.

I am voting no because I don’t think this proposal is supposed to be used for adding future collections, only for importing existing collections. I do not know if this gives you an open door to push any future collections or just includes the import of the 2 contract collections you posted here. @HPrivakos do you have any information about this or can refer to whom would? Are there traditional submission fees and reviews even for linked wearables collections?

I understand the concept but there is a huge amount of DAO revenue lost by bypassing the traditional means of wearable submissions, especially at the volume you mention. Part of the submission fees also go to cover the hosting fees for the content long term so we’re basically left covering the cost for 1000s of submissions with no revenue from submission fees or marketplace sales.

Add NO NAME STUDIOS - Digital Fashion Co-Creation to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 7,168,413 VP (57 votes)
  • No 2% 204,288 VP (8 votes)

This passed anyway but for anyone interested, I did a little more reading on the original linked wearables prop and looks like there is still a review process and some fee for the submissions so my concerns aren’t as critical and there appears to be a way to create new collections once approved.

Add NO NAME STUDIOS - Digital Fashion Co-Creation to the Linked Wearables Registry

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