[DAO: Qmbece4] PhD - Lifelong Educator of Special Needs Individuals Seeks Inclusive Education

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


PhD (Indiana '99) has spent her entire life teaching and enabling “special needs” individuals and those who teach them from K-12 through advanced degree programs. The purpose of this Decentraland project is creating and staffing open, accessible spaces for people of all skill levels and abilities to enjoy while taking away meaningful “Real-Decentra” (IRD) experiences and knowledge. This Tier 2 Request will be followed up with Tier 4 request(s) once infrastructure is in place.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Decentraland is in it’s infancy and as it grows it will require the infrastructure needed to serve it’s inhabitants and visitors. Education is a key component of life and our goals are to bring in real experts in education to work collaboratively to create educational institutions that serve the community and enable students of all types, abilities and backgrounds to share in the wealth of knowledge and our community.


The initial grant is intended to broaden our understanding of Decentraland and gain access to initiatives, physical locations, teaching materials and investors/donors when higher education institutions require expansion. The Tier 2 seed money would be spent on things needed to achieve our goal(s).


I have taught special needs populations and educators in MI, WI, FL, WA and NV USA for over four decades and have a team of professors, teachers and paras who also share extensive knowledge in education, especially for those who struggle or have “special needs”. Masters Degree from U of Michigan, PhD 1999 (Education, Analytics) is from Indiana (Go Hoosiers!) and we continue to consult and educate to this day. We believe we can make a positive difference in Decentraland for ALL of its inhabitants.

Roadmap and milestones

Initial timeline would be six (6) months to evaluate and plan next phase, reporting back to the community every ninety (90) days. This $3,000 Grant is only intended to be seed money while we seek to better understand the best practices for moving this forward. We foresee a time when we envision coming back to the community for larger Grants to be utilized for implementation of those plans…

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i don’t really understand what this proposal is about - this 3000 USD is fund research on how you might possibly use DCL for this idea? IMO you should do that initial research before asking for a grant

PhD - Lifelong Educator of Special Needs Individuals Seeks Inclusive Education

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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