[DAO Proposal] Not Your $COIN (DCL Wearables)

Status: DRAFT / Pre-Proposal

Summary :

Please vote to give permission for a multi-party, physical and digital item collaboration (including DCL wearables) in efforts to support and protect Marguerite deCourcelle (Coin_Artist) and her project $COIN, legally against hostile corporate lawsuits.

Abstract :

Recently, Marguerite deCourcelle (Blockade Games/Neon District/COIN) was threatened with a lawsuit from another company using the same ticker, $COIN, that she has been using for her project. This has caused a uproar in the blockchain and crypto space, as many individuals do not respect the method of said company trying to threaten Marguerite, myself included–to which she is fighting for her right to use the $COIN ticker.

Coin Artist Legal Defense Fund
Tweet Thread by Andreas Antonopoulous

Several parties have joined forces to work together in efforts to support this cause that include:

  • YuurinBee
  • MetaFactory
  • Marguerite deCourcelle (Coin_Artist) / $COIN
  • and hopefully Decentraland & the DCL Community

Campaign Title: “Not Your $COIN”
$COIN x YuurinBee x MetaFactory Collaboration

Campaign Bundle:

  • Limited amount of Physical “Not Your $COIN” T-shirts
    (Collaboration with MetaFactory) (view here)
  • Crypto Art NFTs with every purchase (example here)
  • DCL Wearable “Not Your $COIN” T-shirt

Motivation :

Create and contribute DCL wearables in alliance with mentioned parties above in order to support multiple people, platforms, and in this particular case, Marguerite’s legal defense fund.

Specification :

The foundation will help and guide artist, YuurinBee, on developing these wearables and deploying them on the blockchain.

For :
Approve the Decentraland Foundation to create and mint new wearables for this campaign collaboration.

Against :
Disapprove the Decentraland Foundation to create and mint new wearables for this campaign collaboration.

Poll : n/a


Comment from Marguerite / Coin_Artist on the other thread:

“Hey everyone! coin_artist here! I’d LOVE to see this happen as a DCL wearable!! And I’ll def help promote, ofc. It has been a wild ride with receiving these letters and then to have all the overwhelming support behind me after making it public has been very cool. I feel like the spirit of our community at large really brought perspective that the idea of “$COIN” as IP really belongs to we the entire open source development community. And so these wearables in addition to physical shirts would really help commemorate how we all came together to take back what was always ours. We more than likely will be contesting their trademark and that’s how any funds from these shirts would be spent. However, in the event that we do not take action, then the funds will be donated to the EFF.”


I love this proposal and what the campaign stands for. It’s really surprising to see Andreas Antonopoulous’s thread on this and him speaking passionately against the corporation/company trying to attack $COIN and Marguerite. I hope this passes when it goes on chain and I’d like to purchase one myself!


sounds like begging . why not just settle out of court and get paid that way