[DAO proposal] Guest Artists Wearables

Status: DRAFT

Summary :

Please vote to give permissions for the Decentraland Foundation to contribute wearables for strategic partnerships and community giveaways.

Abstract :

The Foundation has the mission to champion the already achieved decentralization of the platform along with the community of LAND and MANA holders.

Before the end of the year, the HQ of Kraken exchange will open in Decentraland and do a wearables giveaway similar to the Binance US Launch.

Another initiative with the $MEME community will allow MEME users to stake and claim exclusive wearables for Decentraland.

For Xmas and new year, 3LAU and other artists are planning concerts and creating buildings in Decentraland. All of these amazing musicians would like branded wearables for their fan base.

For the Xmas questing and Treasure Hunt many independent artists including Jose Delbo, Fewocious, Micah Johnson as well as SuperRare plan to release guest artist collections.

For Easter Eggs in the Xmas Treasure Hunt, 6 guest artists will create a collaborative mythic outfit.

In January those 6 artists would design wearables, and the Decentraland Foundation content team would then help make Legendary Collections for each artist. This would be something that if successful other new guest artists may endeavor.

Keep in mind that there is a tool being created so that any creator can license their own wearables in the near future (~ late Q1 2021).

Motivation :

Contribute wearables for strategic partnerships and community giveaways in order to foster the adoption of the platform and support the creation of engaging content.

Specification :

The foundation will help and guide artists on developing these wearables and deploying them on the blockchain.

For :
Approve the Decentraland Foundation to create and mint new wearables for the following artists/communities:

  • Jose Delbo
  • Fewocious
  • Micah Johnson
  • Kraken exchange community
  • $MEME community
  • 3LAU
  • RAC
  • Bryan Blinkman
  • Jonathan Wolfe
  • 1 TBD guest artist

Against :
Disapprove the Decentraland Foundation to create and mint new wearables for previously mentioned artists/communities.

Poll : https://governance.decentraland.org/proposal/0x0741ab50b28ed40ed81acc1867cf4d57004c29b6/vote/18


I think that the combination of curated rare content for the purposes as described, together with opening up wearbles making to the general community is a great mix for the future. I will vote yes for this first part, and hope and encourage that the second does come to be.

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Hello, Agustin!

I reached out to Toonpunk to ask about an idea I have, with several others and we felt DCL would be a great match, so he suggested to share on the DCL Forums/Submit a Proposal. I have been browsing for the appropriate channel to ask/share a proposal and I think this post may be most relevant, but please share with me if it isn’t.

Background Context:
Recently, Marguerite deCourcelle (Blockade Games/Neon District/COIN) was threated with a lawsuit from another company using the same ticker, $COIN, that she has been using for her project. This has caused a uproar in the blockchain and crypto space, as many individuals do not respect the method of said company trying to threaten Marguerite, myself included–to which she is fighting for her right to use the $COIN ticker.

More Detail / History:
Coin Artist Legal Defense Fund
Tweet Thread by Andreas Antonopoulous

So, many people in the community, including Andreas Antonopoulos, have offered what help and support they can, to raise funds and help Marguerite (Coin Artist) fight against this lawsuit. I am an artist and designer that has just recently made NFTs that are being used for fundraising and also working on a physical t-shirt in collaboration with MetaFactory (in discussions at the moment). The current plan is to release a physical t-shirt, crypto art NFTs, and it would be incredible to also include a DCL wearable t-shirt (simple design) to commemorate this, those that support the cause, and this brief moment in crypto history. This is the t-shirt design “Not Your $COIN” (view here). 100% of profit will be donated to Marguerite to support the legal battle and additional/not used will be going to the EFF.

I would like to ask first as a pre-proposal, if this idea might fall under this category, or where I might be able to share this cause/idea appropriately with the DCL community. Thanks!

Warm Regards,

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Hey everyone! coin_artist here! I’d LOVE to see this happen as a DCL wearable!! And I’ll def help promote, ofc. It has been a wild ride with receiving these letters and then to have all the overwhelming support behind me after making it public has been very cool. I feel like the spirit of our community at large really brought perspective that the idea of “$COIN” as IP really belongs to we the entire open source development community. And so these wearables in addition to physical shirts would really help commemorate how we all came together to take back what was always ours. We more than likely will be contesting their trademark and that’s how any funds from these shirts would be spent. However, in the event that we do not take action, then the funds will be donated to the EFF.

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