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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


The Infinity Keys team will create a multi-step puzzle challenge requiring players to participate in projects across Decentraland in order to earn an achievement NFT and be eligible for a random drawing.

IK will design & implement a “Pack” of four minigame challenges across projects in Decentraland. For each challenge players must solve simple game tasks based on existing content. This will orient players and enable pathfinding. After each challenge, players will be able to claim a free IK NFT. After claiming each of the four challenge NFTs, players can then claim an overarching Achievement Trophy NFT to show completion of all four minigames. Optional: After 1 month, a random drawing to reward those who collected the final achievement NFT.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Infinity Keys is a creator tools platform to enable anyone to build and launch Web3-capable challenges, including treasure hunt-style puzzles for activation events.

Presently, the Infinity Keys team is the first platform user, creating hunts to demonstrate how puzzles can lead to significant engagement through working with partner brands and projects to launch the first season of coordinated, composable hunts with Web3 benefits. We’re offering to provide this experience for the Decentraland community.

Our aim in the future is that IK will evolve into a platform where community members can submit and QA puzzle modules as templates, and then projects can use those templates to host engaging quests for their own content. Like decentralized Roblox for casual puzzle games using Web3 composability and treasure.

For now, we are working with existing Web3 projects to provide extended engagement for existing content to help fill up space in the metaverse with more and more content as users onboard. While we build these experiences we are continuing to grow our available features for hunts, challenges, and puzzles to help projects give their users actually engaging games instead of surface-level contests and impression-based promotions.


The IK Team will design and implement a “Pack” of three challenges across projects in Decentraland. For a simple example of a Pack, please play with the IK Starter Pack: https://www.infinitykeys.io/pack/starter-pack. Each requirement has its own challenge (which can be multi-step), and players must solve a simple riddle, solve an anagram using the IK Thesis, and find IK values in our Discord channel.

For the Decentraland Pack, we will create multi-step challenges inside Decentraland, such as locate object hunts on particular plots, hidden ciphers and passcodes, riddles based on text or lore, claiming in-world items, or signing guestbooks on particular plots.

The IK team will monitor relevant Decentraland Discord channels and maintain a dedicated Decentraland channel on our own server.

The IK team will launch social and signage assets in coordination with Decentraland and relevant project accounts to alert users that there are challenges and games to play.

At the conclusion of each challenge, players will be able to claim a free NFT on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, or Avalanche C-chain. These are Infinity Keys 1155 NFTs that feature different concepts, from themed art to ancient maps.

While these NFTs are collectible by nature, collecting them can also be used as requirements for future Decentraland (or other) hunts.

After claiming all three challenge NFTs, players are able to claim an overarching Pack Achievement. Players that claim this achievement will have demonstrated significant engagement across Decentraland and will be eligible for a randomly selected drawing for $500 in MANA to be selected and distributed at some predetermined end date. This step is optional.

The hunts and NFTs will remain available for play as long as the associated projects and lore remains available to keep the puzzle logic intact (e.g. if one of the partners changes their plot and removes the location of a passcode, the game will not function and either need to be revised or removed), but the incentive for a campaign-focused drawing will end at the predetermined date.

How it benefits the DCL Creator Community:

  • Infinity Keys provides a place for DCL visitors to participate in treasure hunts, fostering a stronger sense of community and engagement through providing content and puzzles that engage curiosity and satisfaction.
  • Decentraland community will collect NFTs, and be entered in a drawing for MANA, funded by this grant.
  • Infinity Keys will continue building experiences for Decentraland, we will add functionality based on community feedbacks and ideas.
  • Strengthen community ties and foster a stronger sense of belonging to Decentraland by creating hunts that allow people to collaborate together with friends and strangers to solve problems.

The budget for this proposal is $5000. The typical B2B price for this level of a designed 4-challenge package is $4,599. We have reduced that price in order to make $500 in MANA available as a player giveaway incentive. There are more substantial packages available in a subscription-type model, but we anticipate running this initial campaign as a pilot before approaching Decentraland DAO for recurring funding.


Infinity Keys is a small team currently developing puzzles, infrastructure, an initial B2B model, and a small community of puzzle builders. We are in the midst of an angel funding round and will conduct additional fundraising to scale and turn the B2B model into a community-facing platform in the future. This proposal would effectively treat Decentraland as an entry-tier B2B client. We anticipate running this as a pilot with the ability to create many more nested and expansive hunts across Decentraland in the future.

Andy Boyan, Ph.D., Co-Founder

Gage Mondok, Technical Co-Founder, (Twitter anon)

Elizabeth Barnes

Aaron Bendersky

Hamilton Evans

Tawnee Allport, Front-end developer

Kori B. Riddick, Front-end developer

Chris Bloom, Advisor + Full-stack developer

Mr. E, Advisor, AAA Game Studio Senior Designer, (anon)

Roadmap and milestones

  • Hunt scoping and project recruiting
    • 2 weeks from start of project to sort and contact partners for plots and lore potential
  • Puzzle drafts
    • 2 weeks after finalized partner recruiting
  • Finalized Puzzle Demos
    • 1 week from puzzle drafts
  • Social campaign content & approvals
    • 1 week from finalized puzzles
  • Campaign launch
    • Anytime after social campaign is finalized and approved
  • Campaign monitoring
    • 1 month ongoing
  • Campaign conclusion & drawing
    • After 1 month campaign

The general scope here is to create a playable event within 2 months that includes partners across the Decentraland ecosystem. The target launch date could be slotted to almost any fall timeline given 2 months. I would like to target mid October to early November to provide a virtual experience before Art Basel in Miami in December, but we’re open to more strategic dates for marketing pushes if there are some.

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Hi there, thank you for submitting your proposal. This seems like an interesting concept. Can you please explain what this line means:
“We are in the midst of an angel funding round and will conduct additional fundraising to scale and turn the B2B model into a community-facing platform in the future.”
Does this mean that you are receiving funds from outside of Decentraland? Or is the angel funding round from the DAO?

“There are more substantial packages available in a subscription-type model, but we anticipate running this initial campaign as a pilot before approaching Decentraland DAO for recurring funding.”
Does this also mean that you plan to submit future DAO proposals? If so, how much would you anticipate they be for, if you are able to give that number? I actually am in favor of organizations applying for smaller grants to show proof of concept before they apply for large grants.

May I ask what your relationship with Decentraland is? How much time has your team spent in world? What limitations do you perceive you might run into building here? I see that you have an unminted name, and one that has not actually been assigned an actual name (It’s still an eth address), and these are very basic gestures to show that you are committed to Decentraland. Thank you very much for your time. Kindly, Canessa


I like these, reminds me of the mini games a while back where you would get a Poap on completion. Those were fun!

I have a few questions though, who are the asscociated projects if there are any at the moment?

I personally think there should be a time window/deadlines these would be available for rather than being up to the hosts/partners since DAO would fund this.

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How do you plan to find land owners and choose the locations for the puzzle stages? Will it be open to anyone? Will there be some maximum number of locations or can multiple locations host the same puzzle?

Do you have experience developing decentraland scenes? The puzzles on the website only include text entry unlocking. Can you provide any more information about what you see the decentraland portion looking like? Will it need custom modeling and sdk development? If so, is that included in the grant budget? How do you plan to install the features in the scenes, will you provide the required models and code?

Can you provide more details about potential marketing reach, or specifically how this would attract new users, other than the potential to earn the NFTs and MANA? There are projects that have created similar experiences without a grant. Projects that have shown good faith by creating PoCs, doing some initial community engagement, and have a planned model for self-sustainability long term are more successful with grant requests.

I do like the concept of the project and the interactive form of marketing and engagement it enables. I also like the web3 aspects for claiming. This type of experience is definitely fun but it is a bit disconnected from what a dcl user would want, which is typically wearables or some NFT related to dcl, rather than an external platform’s token.

I’m voting no because you didn’t bother to reply to any of the questions or feedback given. It shows a lack of inititive or care for the community concerns.


Decentraland Explorer’s Challenges

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 60% 836,776 VP (89 votes)
  • No 40% 575,581 VP (8 votes)