[DAO:io7o3my] Decentral Comedy Promo at Skankfest Vegas/Backstage Access to Skankfest for DCL

@TheCryptoTengu and @michi

I would like to officially introduce myself, Jade from Decentral Comedy. Thank you for your comments and if by chance either of you would have some time to chat with us, we would very much welcome it…

We do strongly feel what we proposed has significant value for the community, but also see clearly now after what has transpired can and did leave a bad taste in peoples minds. Tyler and I have been working on bringing comedy into the DCL for the past year and truly feel Decentraland is the place for comedians to thrive and expand their brand, in turn potentially bringing a whole new set of users (their fans) into this space + providing great content for the community at large.

I know we are all busy, but if either of you would have some time to chat, I would very much appreciate that.

Thank you again for your comments - and I have to say, Bert is way up there on my list as well! I feel like he would get a kick out of preforming in the Metaverse, lol.

Enjoy the weekend, see my contact info below.




Thank you Jade for your reply.

Some questions and things to consider before you resubmit your proposal:

@shelleyvan and @Dhino have operated the Tru Bandroom since October 2021 and have onboarded over 100 musicians like @Djtraxnft & @jackfrost. I don’t have access to their numbers but they daily bring in 30+ people to their parcel by my estimation.

@tangpoko operates the Dollhouse and is one of the Babydolls who hosted Coachella fans at Absolut.Land in April. They have experience meeting first time visitors to Decentraland introduced via a real world festival event.

How many people attend these events? Who goes to them? I’m genuinely curious. I went into the club space and saw 12 slides on a loop advertising shows and events from May 2022. Is it a broadcast only environment where the comedians are streamed into the club? Are there any ways the audience can show appreciation to the comics beyond the standard DCL emotes, text chat and voice chat? I can see a zoom call of sorts streaming in your club. How was that received?

Where is your community? Who are they? Have they engaged in any of the other people in Decentraland? From your Twitter feed I see Tyler Morrison is a co-founder. Tim Morrison has Decentral Comedy in his bio. I could continue to troll your Twitter feed but maybe a more formal approach would be more productive and fun.

I am happy to learn you had such a favorable experience with Metaverse Architects. @Seanny and I have chatted a bit since the DCL DAO Town Hall and he is an intelligent, engaging, and thoughtful person. MetaArchs is not the entity who is providing the funding though. The Decentraland DAO is.

I’m just one person with 300+ VP. I also have 240 days since I first entered Decentraland. In that time I’ve met about one new person each day on average. I can’t speak for any of them but myself but I can speculate what many of them would like. Invite us in to your community. Come join our community and see what we have going on. Show us what you’ve got. Tell us what you’ve done. Develop a great partnership with us.


Hey @Comedy_MatriX,
I’ve just requested the time and date of the next town hall which might be a better platform to hear the community discussion around abusing the DAO grant system with client delegated VP and any community sentiments.

There have been workshop channels and larger discussions I haven’t been part of around Whale VP which could be insightful as this is a really good case study moving forward for brands entering the space.

Thank you and always feel free to reach out with any questions~
Hopefully see you there!


Decentral Comedy Promo at Skankfest Vegas/Backstage Access to Skankfest for DCL

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 3% 310,214 VP (51 votes)
  • No 97% 7,990,983 VP (40 votes)