[DAO:fe9b1db] Add the location 52,26 to the Points of Interest

by 0x633222dc435914ca73b9c7bf305a21333dc4f4af (loony)

Parcel 52,26

Should the scene located at 52,26 be added to the Point of Interest list?


WL is an inter. payment service provider for fiat and crypto. Every month is a new merchant of the month, like Solis, Hotels, Bubble Tea, many more. We held our first live stream event.More live streams to come. Topics are innovation, VR, gaming etc.

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Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to submit this proposal.I’m voting no because I’m not familiar with your brand or your property. Businesses applying for POI stars face extra challenges to get their brand known and reputation seen in the community. Can you list what events you’ve held already? Brands that have successfully gotten POI’s in the past have shown a consistent schedule of events held before they apply for a POI.

Hello Canessa
Thank you for your time, vote and for your questions. Because we are limited with only 250 character it is hard to describe what we really do.

About Worldline
So Worldline is one of the biggest payment service provider (psp) in the world. It means that a transaction is done in store or online will be handled over a psp. So if you pay with a credit card for example, a psp is handling the secure transaction between the merchant, the credit card company, the bank and ensures that everything is done correctly, in shorts.

About the live streams
We held our first live stream around 2 weeks ago with the topic

A Glimpse of the Future: Privacy and Identity in the Metaverse

Here is the link to it A Glimpse of the Future: Privacy and Identity in the Metaverse on Vimeo

The plan is to held once a month a live stream about the following topics:

Innovation in the crypto market and metaverse, VR, gaming and more.

previously merchants of the months
Solis, The Chedi Andermatt, Bubble Tea from the Australian brand Naked Life, D-Resort in Croatia and the Company for IT, billing and services in the healthcare sector opta data. We are fully booked till mid of 2023

We also provide a spot for charities and partners of Worldline. Secondly, we are also helping two students with there Bachelor thesis. There is more to come in the really near future but so far that is all.

I hope I could answering your question.

This is great and thankful for what you do. Point of Interests are more about people finding points of interests that have events going on more often than not. If everyone had a POI then it would be would be worthless. I suggest for now to hold some events and get the community to recognize you as a place of interest and then it will be must easier to pass.

As of now, I, myself don’t want to direct newcomers to places that do not hold events that often. So for me, this is a “no.” However, I encourage you to hold events at least once a month and come back and I will reconsider.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a POI.

Hey Todamoon

As well thank you for your reply, your voting and for your time.

I was not knowing that when I created the proposal even if I was reading trough some of does. We are in DCL on that parcel since march 2022.

If there is a second chance to get a POI in the future and it is not forbidden to do so, I would do that. There is at the moment not a fix plan, when we are holding live streams and events, but the infrastructure is ready on the dcl and in the real world for professional live streams.

I second this… POI is a denomination that the community grants because we already find your location a point of interest and want to highlight it for others. If the community voting here has never attended an event, is not familiar with your brand, has not consistently engaged with your experience in our metaverse, and found it useful to others, it will be difficult to get a POI approved. Hope this helps. Keep building.

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Yeah, do you know how to create Events on the events page of DCL? This will attract new people on DCL to your build. I suggest checking that out. I am sure you will put on some great events.

Loony, thanks for this information! I know it’s hard to sum up what a business does in the small area you are given, so this is helpful. It sounds like you have a lot going for you, and that you’re planning on bringing a lot of content to Decentraland in the future.

To answer one of your questions, YES you absolutely can apply again for a POI star again. Tuda brings up a great point about using the Events Page to bring in new traffic. Here are a few other things you might try:

  1. Create active social media accounts, like Twitter, Instagram, or a Discord Server. Tweet content, and re-tweet content from the community. This helps users “see” you as an active brand. It lets us also see how active you are, which helps making decisions like this.

  2. Hold events to bring in users. This could be your live-streams, but it could also be working with the community to do giveaways, live events.

  3. Create a wearable that advertises your brand. This would let you reward users to come to your land, for instance, if they post a screen-shot of their avatar watching your live-stream and post that to Twitter with your tags, you send them a free wearable. This is a very common practice that other successful businesses are doing to bring traffic to their brand.

  4. Listen in on various shows, podcasts, etc. There are a variety of different shows throughout the week where you can listen in on what the Decentraland Community is doing. By being active in those, it will tell you the “pulse” of the community, and maybe give you ideas of how to get connected, if your intent is to connect with users inside Decentraland.

  5. If you have students working on their Bachelor Thesis, let them use your parcel for communicating their progress. Can they interview community members on topics on the Metaverse? Can they tell us more about what they’re doing?

  6. Finally, and the most important thing you can do, is just be in Decentraland. The real power of the metaverse is the human connections you can make around a global platform. If you build meaningful relationships with people in the Decentraland Community, it won’t just help you get a POI, it will help your brand grow in ways you might not even realize yet. There are builders, business owners, creators and more, here in Decentraland.

I look forward to seeing your brand grow! If there’s anything I can personally do to help, please reach out to me on Twitter at @CanessaDCL.


Hey @loony great to see you on here too!

I agree with the others about throwing events and creating experiences that people want to see and be a part of often. For that I will vote no, as you’ve only had the one event, but do reapply after some more events and engagement, and I would love to reconsider then!

Add the location 52,26 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 18% 467,798 VP (24 votes)
  • No 82% 2,052,884 VP (48 votes)