[DAO:exu3kvi] Should there be limited time to change voting decision?

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (LordLike)

The ability to change the decision on going proposals creates EXTRA conditions for psychological and commercial manipulations with Delegates by interested parties. Also, this contributes to chaos since at the last moment voters can change decisions unexpectedly.

Maybe we can limit the time to change voting decision to one day?

Please share your thoughts.

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If this passes, people will just wait until the last second to vote. Doesn’t really fix the issue imo

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They will have only one day to change decision, for example, but not 7 days - its too long.

I personally like being able to submit an initial No vote that can later be overturned to Yes if the submitter has provided more detail or clarity when asked. I agree with Vapo that this could also cause a delay in voting to the end of the time period.


Hi i dont think this is a good idea, what happens if someone votes yes then learns something new and wants to change their vote to no (or visa versa) after a day has passed?


haha no because not everyone has all the facts at all times and its up to the posters to levy vote and vp to thier cause. Limiting people to change a vote is trying to lock them in and that is more gate keepy then delegates with tied interest.

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Hey, thanks all for your opinion.

Should there be limited time to change voting decision ?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 4 VP (2 votes)
  • No 86% 1,353,243 VP (79 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 13% 217,899 VP (11 votes)

Should there be limited time to change voting decision ?

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