[DAO:ed5067f] Where are the fishes

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Gaming category be approved?


For some time now, browsing Decentraland, he asked me when he saw the scenes with ponds, where are the fish? So he suggested that I join the development of the ecosystem with an interactive activity, have you ever seen a fish in decentraland? WHAT CAN WE DO TO CONTRIBUTE?!
This proposal is to fund the development of a prototype fishing model that introduces a pond with some decentralized fish waiting to be caught and adding another interactive activity for the metaverse in decentraland!

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Our goal is to incorporate a new type of activity into Decentraland that provides entertainment for all kinds of people within the metaverse. This fishing activity encourages players to hunt for them. For this first stage we hope to develop through the sdk, the idea is to generate the components, basic animations and programming logic to develop the fundamentals that shape the proposed activity.
All our progress will be communicated through a twitter account provided here, to help the community inform about project updates by informing those interested of our activities.


We hope to carry out the development through the elaboration of controllers that allow the basic techniques of the game to be carried out in order to give concrete form to the activity. We will be using Typescript and Node Js with the relevant libraries from the sdk as well as some components of the community-provided utilities in the Utils* package.
At this moment we have some basic prototypes of the line of work with which we will begin to work with interactive mobile entities, as can be seen in this first preview:

Work has been done on the controllers to animate the entities and add interactivity to the scene Simulating the fish inside a pond being caught for this stage by the cursor as shown in this video:


Our main programmer has been involved in development for 6 years now solving backed issues for a telecommunications company using python, flask, django, reactJs as well as nodejs with experience in project management, he will be in charge of prototype development.
I have particularly been involved in the crypto ecosystem since the ethereum hardfork at HOMESTEAD that led to the creation of the Ethereum Classic token, involved in the early phases of the uniswap project, as well as in this project since the launch of world explorer, convinced of the need to decentralization and web3 projects that feed the metaverse to obtain as a result the attraction of a critical mass of people to the ecosystem, I will be in charge of project management, the creative process, the presentation of progress and its monitoring.

Roadmap and milestones

Once the project has started, we hope to carry out the technical development throughout the rest of November and part of December 2022. We will have constant updates on the progress, adding some pending activities to be developed to feed the project:

  • Fishing through interaction
  • Addition of renders and basic 3d objects that give a bit of aesthetics
  • Logic for adding counts and scores as well as visual entities
  • Development of base controllers with fishing methods to shape the activity
  • Development of logic for behavioral variants of fish.

We are eager to be able to generate products that help attract more people to the community as potential users of this and other activities.

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sorry we are all vegan

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Canessa’s cove had fishes for the event. King Fisher by wonderzone used to but it gone now. Rip. You can currently find some fish at JTV’s pond in exodus and in the Aquarium Fish Tanks

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Fish exist in the Aquarium in Vegas City.

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I’ll appreciate all the comunity feedback, we are just looking for a development and if some feature is already done, we could guide our feature in a different mechanics way, the point is add efforts as new developing member. Thank u all for take time to read the proposal!

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in this case is just for view as decorations in casino scene. Thank u for ur feedback

not for eat just interaction with lovely fishes

Might need more proof of concept and a following to get thru this process… but I think this was the start of a fun conversation. I think going fishing would be way more fun than mining meteors. Has anyone ever played the Kirby fishing game on Nintendo Switch?! I play it with my nephew all the time and having something like that in DCL would be SO MUCH FUN. If we can have Rock, Paper, Scissors, we can have fishing. :smiley:


look like tengu get no more fishs T.T

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I am curious to know how you plan for this to be implemented across DCL. Will it be something that will be available for free as a drop in for builders who want to add this into their scenes?


we re working hard to make some experience at modeling using the libraries, and trying to improve the motion by render in every cordinates that u want the fishtank placed. Since we consider that we are a no-name team but we want to help others to share our knowledge openning our code after debuggin. At this time only behavior of fishes in tank render has done with the actual tools that we have as Utils* Library.

We have made some improvements.


Where are the fishes

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 14% 351,097 VP (28 votes)
  • No 86% 2,118,760 VP (38 votes)

Thats a really cool tank. Guess wasnt enough traction and people to believe this was needed on this go round. Dont let it stop you from doing you tho and building it on your own land or trying again later. I think it would be cool to see more fish and more realistic animations. Not sure if youd explored but JTV’s game has a fishing pond they kinda move in circle. Then the Casino Top Left on world map Called Aquarium has some in tanks. I liked what you were trying to do and think having something like this made and added to the library would be worth some dao funding. Hopefully more eyes and ears can get on this. Try to join the Decentraland DAO discord and pitch another proposal or jump on spaces with a Dcl citizen. @SinfulMeatStick runs a couple shows as does @KevinOnEarth with the Decentraland report. If you have a goal and a vision to make it happen outside big whales thrashing the votes people here listen. They may give you more traction and vp if they can clearly and better understand. Good luck friend.


Couldn’t agree more with CryptoTengu here, don’t be discouraged and build on this idea, Happy to have you on my live stream to talk more about your ideas and hopefully get the community to support your next proposal!

Keep it up! Hmu on twitter @kevinonearth999 or my email kevinonearth999@gmail.com whenever :v:


Here’s a couple scenes in the repo which I believe the scenes mentioned are using. Everything else should be as simple as replacing the glb file.