[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #1 for proposal "Continued Development of Soul Magic"

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August is the first month of this grant regarding continued development of Soul Magic. During this month, we have completed the development and launch our fishing game and skill with a new scene Bluemoon Lake. Two fishing events were held, partnering web3 games Knight of The Ether and Derby Stars. Farming game play had a magic update as well, with farmer shop and additional plants. There were also improvements on the user interface and experiences to make Soul Magic a more user friendly game.


The two fishing events we held have been a success and became popular among players. We have reached an all time high of around 500 visitors on the day when fishing game was launched. There were also over 1,000 visits for each of the two fishing events. During July and August, our player base grew ~40% from around 10,000 to 13,956 as of 28th August 2023. In July, we have completed the upgrade of adding 7 more plants for farming, added farmer shop for players to purchase seeds and sell plants after harvest. In addition, we have made minor tweaks on the game after collecting feedbacks from users. First, fishing is added as a new skill in the game. Secondly, meditation now takes place at the magic well next to our farm, instead of green trees. Thirdly, Gold Midas, our in-game currency, now shows together with skills of the player, instead of being a game item. This way players do not have to carry Gold Midas around as a game item in their backpack. In addition, improvements on the storage chest function was also made. We have added a transfer all button in so that they can transfer all items to storage chest easily.


We tried to migrate our codes to SDK7 but found out that it does not support multiple languages. So we decided to stop our migration at this moment and wait for a while. We may migrate individual scene to SKD7 instead.

Next steps

Here are the development roadmap following our grant proposal. We are currently in the process of developing our card game, and it is expected to be launched within September. Afterwards we will be working on the development of Space, that is the virtual private space for players to build their house and garden in Decentraland. Space is expected to be launched in October. In November we expect to launch our potion crafting mini game, that allows player to make potions from the ingredients they can collect from farming. By the end of this year, there will be a bigger magic event to be held.

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