[DAO:a1721dd] Update #2 for proposal "Soul Magic Game Development"

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In April 2024, there were 2 major events held in Soul Magic, including Capture Game (NFT trading card game) PvP 1,000 $MANA Tournament as well as Songkran Music Event, partnering with techno DJ Steve Sai with a water gun mini game. In addition, four additional skills, namely Woodcutting, Construction, Textile and Breeding were launched. Farming game play was enriched with watering function. One new Capture Game PvE arena, Golfhead, was launched in collaboration with Golfcraft game.


Songkran Music Event was held on 20th April 2024. Songkran means water throwing, is a tradition of celebrating New Year in Southeast Asia. A mini-game related to water throwing was held in Soul Magic and players can also enjoy techno music performance by techno DJ Steve Sai.

Capture Game 1,000 $MANA PvP Tournament was launched in April, where players are required to burn NFT cards to collect Match Orbs in order to play PvP matches. $MANA tokens were given away to top 30 players on 2 leaderboards.

Four additional skills were added in Soul Magic, including Woodcutting, Construction, Textile and Breeding. Farming game play was enhanced with watering function, that players need to collect water from water pond in order to plant crops.

One new Capture Game PvE arena, Golfhead, was launched next to Golfcraft game. The arena is included in the daily cards challenge where players can gain experience point on cards skill in Soul Magic.
In April 2024, the impact metrics of Soul Magic game are as follow:
Unique visits: 1,391
Average daily active users: 183
Average returning users: 145
Average time on scene: 3 hours 28 minutes
Player base: 23,012



Next steps

To continue with game development as mentioned in grant proposal, including but not limited to hosting PvP tournaments, user acquisition, developing private space mini-game and expansion of Arcania map.

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