[DAO:f5c2b3f] Update #2 for proposal "Continued Development of Soul Magic"

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September is the second month of the grant period of Soul Magic. During the month we mainly focus on the development of our magic card game, which is ready to be launched during October following the promotion activities to be carried out. In addition, we have developed a new skill in Soul Magic - cooking, that allows players to cook the fishes they obtain from fishing in Bluemoon Lake.


The card game and new cooking skills are ready to launch. For card game, we are working with Decentraland Foundation to start promoting, which is expected to be released in October. For the new cooking skills, given that blocker was found in the last minute when we deploy the game update, it will be launched during the first week of October given that we will need to restructure the builds. For traffic metrics, there was 1.05k visits in the last 30 days according to the data from Genesis City. we maintained a 30-day average DAU of 122 as of 30th Sep 2023, according to DCL Metrics. Our player base grew to 14,622 in end-Sep from 13,956 in end-Aug.


The land that Soul Magic currently builds on was assigned as operator by the Foundation. The operation right was expired and we will need to restructure our builds. The issue was discovered when we deployed our new game update.

Next steps

The resolution plan is to have part of the scenes to be run on Land and the others in World. The restructuring will take us a few days to complete, which will be relaunched during the first week of October. For the milestones, it is scheduled to launch the card game and cooking skills in October. Afterwards, we will be working on the development of Space, that is the virtual space owned by the players and builds on top of land. Space is expected to be launched in November, given that the launch schedule of card game moved slightly. In November, we expect to launch our potion crafting game as well. By the end of this year in December, we are planning for a bigger magic event to be held.

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