[DAO:e95e04b] Update #3 for proposal "800 add-ons repo for fashion creators"

Author: 0x1b35f4d22b2c8bc706bcfcc383a1ca77fb4fc600
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


A total of 1005 add-ons have been produced, that is, more than 25% of the add-ons detailed in the proposal. Each phase of this project has gone well and no problems have arisen. The result has been very satisfactory.


  • Color has been given to all 1005 add-ons.

  • All tests have been carried out with a successful result.

  • All add-ons have been published.

  • The repository has been restructured, eliminating excess directories and reducing the number of these to simplify use for the end user.

OUT OF SCOPE 1: A user guide has been created and published in the README.md file of the repository. The guide explains the procedure to follow to create a wearable using add-ons, images of the steps have been included that the user can follow. It also explains the structure of the repository.

OUT OF SCOPE 2: Of the 800 initial add-ons, it has been possible to generate an extra color for each category of add-ons, achieving 80 more.

OUT OF SCOPE 3: Some extra designs were made for some add-ons, in this phase colors have been assigned to them, allowing 85 extra add-ons to be created.


  • 800 add-ons.
  • 40 add-ons with skin texture mentioned in OUT OF SCOPE 1 of UPDATE 2.
  • 80 add-ons mentioned in OUT OF SCOPE 2.
  • 85 add-ons mentioned in OUT OF SCOPE 3.

Total: 1005 add-ons.



Next steps


Additional notes and links

Add-ons repo: GitHub - Metassive/PunkPink-add-ons: Repository with 3D meshes designed by PunkPink to make wearables quickly and easily for Decentraland.

For any questions about this update or anything related to this project feel free to send DM:

Twitter (X): @PunkPink__

Discord: PunkPink

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