[DAO:4df726f] Update #1 for proposal "Advanced Documentation"

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Advanced Documentation Update #1


First month of Advanced Documentation is over. As Pablo suggested, I made github repository and now I’m writing articles according to my roadmap.

List of articles that I wrote during this month:

General Information:

  • Software Requirements (general information and links to required software)
  • Software Settings (information about each software with explanation of required settings, recommended UI setup, techincal infromation regards 3D)
  • Addons (covers infromation about addons required for modeling, rigging, weight painting, animations and contains some handy scripts that I made with ChatGPT)

Wearables Pipeline:

  • (Concept) Wearables (information about settings, methods, prompts for generating references in stable diffusion)


According to my roadmap, at the end of March i was planning to finish more articles than it is for now. I encountered with delay due to personal issues with my health and health of people in my family. I will spent extra hours at weekends and/or allocate full days to focus on writing articles and deal with delays.

Next steps

In coming month, April, I will write articles for wearables pipeline, this articles will cover whole modeling, texturing, weight painting pipeline for wearables. Additionaly, there will be included all source files, and I will capture video timelapses with explanations.

For now some of articles may seems unfinished or may have some grammar issues/typos, this is expected and not a problem. Grammar issues will be fixed with ChatGPT and articles itself will be polished in future.

Additional notes and links

GitHub Repository: GitHub - the-ankou/advanced-documentation (it’s important to read description at main page and then jump to wiki)

My Public Roadmap: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

DAO Public Roadmap: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

I appreciate feedback, you can write it here or at DAO Discord (Thread located in grant-projects → Advanced Documentation).

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