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by 0x41eb5f82af60873b3c14fedb898a1712f5c35366 (theankou)

Should the following $25,000 grant in the Documentation category be approved?


Advanced Documentation - new section in official Content Creators documentation.

This section will contain basic to complex in-depth guidelines related to assets, scenes, wearables, animations, npc creation for Decentraland.

Grant size

25,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

8 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Advanced Documentation idea was part of my previous Decentraland Creators Community proposal that was a huge project with expectations, solutions, and high budget, that, sadly, was declined by community by voting.

As mentioned in Decentraland Creators Community proposal, current state of Content Creators documentation related to wearables and assets creation leaves much to be desired.

I will create and fill Advanced Documentation section with structured content related to modelling, baking, texturing, weight painting, and all the other complex steps related to stylized Wearables and Environment object creation pipeline.

I know that Malloy, even with huge delays, do great job on Feeka Café - Wearable Asset Pipeline Tutorial Series that was planned to enhance documentation too.

But I do believe, that my “Advanced Documentation” cover more aspects regards assets creation proccess, more in-depth, techincal information. Scene Creation, Animations, Wearables, Particles, Emotes, Different Workflows and Approaches, different Software. As well as free to use Assets, Addons, Scripts, Wearables, Animations that will be created during process of writing documentation.

Content that I will do is written in Roadmaps and Milestones. I will provide more content than it’s written in Roadmaps and Milestones (characters limitation). For example, in process of creating wearables for guidelines, i’m also planning to do free to use base wearables assets library, with stylized textures and great details, the real high quality assets, that users will be able to use for their purposes. I have many ideas that I wish to implement in Advanced Documentation.

Roadmap and milestones

This is list of content that i will create for Advanced Documentation section.

Stylized Assets Pipeline:

  • Link to All Source Files (addons, project files, scripts, …)


  • Stable Diffusion: Generate Concept (basics, prompts, lora, settings, controlnet, …)
  • Blender: Draft your Base Mesh (basics, how to select good primitives, …)
  • Blender: Base Mesh to High-Poly (Folds, Lines, Pockets, …)
  • Blender: Don’t waste your time on Retopology (Base Mesh to Subdiv/Multires workflow explanation, …)
  • Blender: High-Poly to prepared Low Poly (perfect low poly for perfect bakes, common issues, …)
  • RizomUV: Unwrap Perfect UV (texel density, padding, alignment, udims, overlaps, …)
  • Marmoset: Bake Perfect Maps (settings, baking process, common mistakes, …)
  • Adobe Substance Painter: Stylized Textures (best workflow, generators, masks, filters, stylized material, baked lights, baked metal, …)
  • Adobe Substance Designer: Stylized Tiled Textures (basic tiled seamless textures, …)
  • Blender: Adjust Low Poly to Match Limitations (how to reduce triangle count, technical information and other things that you should know before publishing model, …)
  • Blender: Weight Perfect Paint (addons, common issues, workflow for perfect results, …)
  • Blender: Dont waste your time on Mixamo (explanations why it’s useless, …)
  • Blender: Rigify (rig your beauty character just in few steps, technical issues, …)
  • Blender: Unique Animations (basic animations workflow, …)
  • Adobe Photoshop: Beauty Thumbnails (some photoshop basics, rules, …):

Asset creation process with explanations and with recorded video timelapses:

  • Stylized Asset (basic asset creation from guidelines, …)
  • Stylized Wearable (Base Wearables Collection, …)
  • Stylized NPC (NPC made from scratch, Rigify Rigged, Animated, …)
  • Stylized Hair (addons, retopology, bake, common mistakes, …)
  • Stylized Scene (process of scene creation, gltf + textures, …)

There will be more.

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This is nohow related to my proposal, and I was not trying to hurt anyone feelings, I was sharing my experience and my opinion about propaganda. Also I was talking about vitamins, not veterans. English is not my main language, so, yeah, maybe it’s sounds too “rude” sometimes or some words is wrong, sorry.

There was also another part of my message that explains what I wrote in chat, and all of that, what I wrote is related only to my experience regards medicine and some words about my friends and propaganda. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you kindly for clearing up my concern. There are so many diverse people that what you have said is still hurtful and exclusive sounding. I personally have taken vaccines all of my life and some may disagree but overall I am not crazy.

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I think meant Vitamins not Vietnam

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Although I took my vaccines, I vote yes “a product is only as good as its documentation”. The main documentation lacking I see though is for 2D UI - I see a lot of failures on this. Even in my own games it’s not my area of excellence. I hope this will be youtube videos too which Blender tutorials are popular and could additionally interest new people to try DCL. With the topics here I hope you’ll do a deep dive on NLA tracks. The key here is the naming has to be the same on each NLA strip for the desired animation. Many get stuck here on NLA. One interesting one could be cloth simulations on wearable creation. I’m voting yes I heard you’re a hard worker and plus I believe in good documentation is essential.


Yes, we have discussed and resolved this but thank you.

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It’s not looking good on the vaxers here haha :smiley: Hey why you say that about Vietnam and vaccines? OMG daily entertainment

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Yeah @OGContraBand! I know all of that information related to NLA tracks. This is exact one of this most important informations that i wanted to share, in Rigify and Animations articles :fire:


MANA is mined using the P.O.W. algorithm. Proof of WOKE. The woke mind virus must have got her with the Gates chip.

Hey @theankou,

I just wanted to say that even though my series covers similar aspects and workflows, we more than likely do things completely differently and the nuance of both our processes will benefit those who we are able to transfer information. I have nothing of concern with this as you are a seasoned proven artist and process comprehension is priceless imo so its a win win. I will probably learn something from your series :metal:

Yours looks a lot more dense than mine too!

I had a moment of crisis to deal with regarding my business but have managed to get things back on track. My series will be finalised asap!

Appreciate you!
Good luck!

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Textures. Textures. Textures.

Having texture improvements across Decentraland is one thing we don’t talk about enough. Comments on social media call this world “A game from 1997” and “Low Poly”

I think if more people knew how to create great looking assets (TEXTURING!) we could start changing this narrative. AJ and I have a grant to help the very basic users, it would be great to see this grant target advanced users.

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Well, @Canessa
Looks like this is my last grant proposal or proposal at all in Decentraland, lol

Some voters seems to be “offended by life” and just don’t want any improvements at all. They vote no or abstain and don’t even have a chance to write a feedback. :poop:

I’m very sad to see that this is for real in Decentraland, and all that drama in Discord between members, just pissed me off.

I though that our community one of the best and strongest here, but seems it’s not. They vote yes for trash “addons” and projects that never finished, but while it comes about the real content (I’m talking not only about my proposal in that case), feels like all this “no” and “abstain” voters just think about themselves, and not about Decentraland quality of life. That’s sad.

Well played, well :person_shrugging:
At least, I hope this community will not destroy wearables and curation committee, that’s the only one thing that left me motivated to stay here as member of community. And of course big projects in which participate as member of DC. :muscle:

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I’m sorry to see this Theankou :frowning:

It is disgusting to see that some of the biggest voters with VP create NOTHING here. (Not all, but a few individuals).

I’m personally going to distance myself more and more. Your grant, teaching people how to make good looking assets, could have changed the appearance of Decentraland. I am sorry you could not find the support at this time. It is discouraging.

Canessa :slight_smile:

@theankou thats what i also thought, what a saddening truth haha

looks really good, maybe you are asking high? other than that i don’t know why this is having a bad turn out, than gates wanna be kept closed.

Hello @theankou, after revisiting this request, reading community feedback and better understanding your budget, I think this is a fair amount to request. In fact, if I were to use your calculations based on 3.5 hours per day x 243 hours based on work starting in February the amount is close to the amount you have requested, and the hourly rate IMO is fair. I am someone who is learning some of the products that you are looking to further improve so I will be changing my vote to yes. I wish you well on your endeavors.

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Advanced Documentation

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 64% 5,535,697 VP (92 votes)
  • No 35% 3,062,278 VP (42 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 29,025 VP (27 votes)

We had the onboarding meeting with the grantee. We reviewed the roadmap and the duration of the project.

As it is a documentation category project, we are going to collaborate in the flow so that the grantee can make pull requests in the official documentation frequently, and for that reason, we asked them to set up a scheme similar to Decentral ED on GitHub, which will facilitate the process. In parallel, they already have their roadmap set up here and we will check their public Roadmap monthly, which is created here.

On the other hand, the grantee asked us to modify the start date of the contract, delaying the start to March 1st (instead of the original February 15th). Please DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik @rizk) remember when creating the contract that the payout strategy changes and the contract must start on March 1st.

Anything you want to add @theankou do it here,

Regards and thank you!

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Advanced Documentation

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0xe1beb6cec72050e724b12dc6e05e4376b007868a

Hello DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik @rizk).

The GSS is requesting a preemptive pause on the Advanced Documentation vesting contract.

Due to personal issues the grantee is unable to progress with the project. He’s a little over a month behind, and we agreed that the best course of action is to pause the contract.

That said, this action has no other consequence than to push the project to catch up.


cc: @theankou

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Thank you @palewin!
I will continue work on grant, and will deal with delay issue that I encountered due to health problems and work on huge DAO HQ project.

For community: I don’t plan to throw away project and I have many ideas how to write good guidelines about 3D modeling for Decentraland. This is usual for me, to encounter with some life issues, when I start working on huge projects. But, in the end everything be good and result will be great. Thanks everyone for support.

If someone have suggestions regards current progress, feel free to write here, I’m always looking for feedback and apperciate it.