[DAO:ba72259] 800 add-ons repo for fashion creators

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A repository of more than 800 add-ons that can be assembled together will be developed to create wearables in an easy and intuitive way for new users with no knowledge of 3D modeling.

This system will allow to create complete wearables by assembling add-ons, allowing those without knowledge of 3D modeling to create high quality wearables for Decentraland, in turn this repository can also be used to build parts of VRM avatars/skins.

Grant size

23,500 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



In 30 days the DAO receives approximately $20,000 in fees for the new wearables, paying a third of it to the curators and leaving a profit of close to $13,000 each month. However, many users do not and never will publish wearables because they do not have enough knowledge in 3D modeling.

We will encourage the creation of wearables by creating an add-ons repository to facilitate the creation of new original designs with add-ons that can be attached to each other, which will serve as a stimulus for those who do not know how to model in 3D.

This repository will consist of 800 add-ons for the upper body, lower body and feet categories. The add-ons will be assembled together automatically, so that the user will be able to easily create a wearable avoiding all the difficulties that a 3D modeler has in its initial stages, this will increase the incentive for users without knowledge in 3D modeling to create wearables.

This repository of 800 add-ons allows multiple possibilities for the near future if the community decides to complement it or continue working on it:

  • Add the remaining categories to create fully functional VRM avatars and skins.
  • Develop an app/graphical interface to further facilitate the construction of wearables.
  • Expand it to increase the possibilities of customization.


Creators prefer other platforms over Decentraland.

The fact that the user base on Decentraland is not growing is because new users have no incentive to join or stay on the platform.

The bigger issue is that many of them would want to build, and would do so in Decentraland if it were easy, however building in the metaverse mostly requires knowledge of 3D modeling, something that is an insurmountable barrier to entry for those who have never used software like Blender, possibly more than 99% of potential users.

The proof that reflects this is that there are thousands of 2D image NFT projects that do not require advanced knowledge of any software, the success of this is because creating a 2D NFT is easy, while creating a wearable in Decentraland is difficult.


Facilitating the creation of wearables with a system of add-ons that can be easily assembled together, we will be able to encourage new users to create in Decentraland.


  • Attract new creators.
  • Facilitate the creation of original wearables for users.
  • More income for the DAO through curator fees.

To know the details of this project you can read the following document: https://fastupload.io/fEoba6q45Wfn8Re/preview

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1:

  • It will focus on the creation and adaptation of the first meshes, which will be used as a base to develop the final meshes from which add-ons will come. The meshes will be given position, size and other characteristics so that they fit with each other automatically without incident when imported.

Month 2:

  • The color palettes will be selected to be applied in the final UV texture of the meshes according to the quality parameters specified in the “Project Specifications.pdf” document.
  • The designs will be developed and the 80 final meshes will be created that will allow the creation of the 800 add-ons.

Month 3:

  • The colors will be implemented in each of the add-ons.
  • The 800 generated add-ons will be published as a public repository available to the entire community.

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Someone has told me that the link included in the proposal cannot be viewed, some users have been able to view it but it is possible that some of you cannot.

If anyone has the same problem, please, contact me on Discord (PunkPink#4046) or Twitter (PunkPink__) and I will create a new link on Drive or another file sharing platform.

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Greatt thanks for the update, looking forward for this proposal!

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800 add-ons repo for fashion creators

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 66% 4,651,485 VP (79 votes)
  • No 33% 2,341,671 VP (7 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 552 VP (2 votes)

800 add-ons repo for fashion creators

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)

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Congratulations PunkPink :smiley:

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