[DAO:dd6e058] AAA-Event management system for Decentraland

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Should the following $120,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


RLTY is building a complete set of no-code tools to create and launch Metaverse experiences in an easy, scalable and fully customizable way.
A dozen experiences have already been deployed on Decentraland thanks to our Solution.
Decentraland is the only independent Platform already available on our Back Office.
At the moment, events can be generated through a semi-automated process with the help of our support team.
Our ambition is to automate the entire event creation process from building customisation, access control, test, deployment, as well as providing CRM and Analytics.
We believe this tool is a must-have in order to ease the onboarding of brands & event organizers on Decentraland.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


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We want to become the leading platform for organizing large-scale events & experiences on Decentraland, by making our back office even more user-friendly, allowing any organizer to create custom events on the Decentraland Platform in a few clicks, without our team assistance.
Our ultimate goal is to make the Decentraland (and thus the metaverse in general) mainstream!
In practice, we want to develop our back office through which event organizers will have access to:

  1. A library of pre-built buildings (or Spaces) pre-configured by RLTY

  2. A configuration experience system, allowing to integrate functionalities inside the building such as :
    · Branding customisation (logos, images/assets, videos, etc…)
    · NFT galleries
    · Live stream setup
    · Wearables dispensers
    · POAP dispensers
    · Scene access control gated with NFT, password & wearables
    · Donation boxes
    · Jukebox/Music
    · Custom player labels for networking events
    · 3rd parties integration (eg. Livestorm, …)
    · Virtual Booths for sponsors at conferences

  3. A test environment hosted on our servers

  4. A Launch page to market their event (including dates, images, videos, descriptions of their events, etc…)

  5. An automated deployed process on 3rd party’s lands

  6. An analytics and CRM data after the event (including: countries, avg. time spent in the scene, etc…)

This is a no-code Solution.

We will therefore:
· help promote Decentraland, by an active communication and marketing operations before, during and after the event
· expand its potential by making it easy to integrate our tools and features
· provide alternative ways to explore Decentraland’s ecosystem
· attract popular brands on Decentraland (our “event organizers”)
· extend the community of Decentraland users (the “event participants”)

The overall budget for this project is c. $200,000, out of which we request through this grant a contribution from Decentraland of $120,000.

Among the brands that have already used our Solution on Decentraland, we can mention :
· Cristóbal Balenciaga : Cristóbal Balenciaga : New Code | RLTY
· BPIFrance : BPIFrance Big | RLTY
· The Fabricant, World of Women : The Fabricant’s #WoWFashion Fest | RLTY
· Harvard Alumni : Harvard Alumni Club in the Metaverse | RLTY
· Meta Circle : MetaCircle Webinar Series | RLTY
· We are French Touch : We are French Touch | RLTY
· Clinique des Champs Elysées : Metaday #1 Clinique des Champs Elysées | RLTY

By clicking on the links above, you will have an overview of the corresponding event and as well as the analytics and the key features/functionalities created for the said event.

To improve the DCL-user experience, we want to exploit our full creative potential.
This is why we are today requesting a DCL Platform grant

Roadmap and milestones

We plan to complete our project in six months.


  1. Creation of DCL library with all required features [3 WEEKS]
    Customisable frames with static images, videos, live video streams
    Wearable dispensers
    POAP dispensers
    Access control

  2. Back office integration [4 WEEKS]
    Creation of pre-configured objects mapped with our DCL Library
    Scrips to generate automatically the list of params to be input inside the back office, based on each experience and the components used inside
    Manage Scene admins & Access control

  3. Hosting & Deployment [3 WEEKS]
    Land booking mecanism
    Automated deployment on RLTY Lands & partners
    Enable deployment on users land from our back office.

  4. Test & flow automation [2 WEEKS]
    Test Integration of DCL Library
    Integration of buildings in BO
    A to Z creation of experiences and tests

  5. Deployment in production [1 WEEK]

II - SPRINT 2 - Analytics & CRM system [6 WEEKS]
Data gathering on experiences
Data analysis
Data viz inside our Back office


  1. Merchandising [4 WEEKS]
    Automated flow for creation of simple customised merchandising
    Automated submission to DCL

  2. Integration with 3rd parties [2 WEEKS]
    Integration with AWS IVS service for automated live stream setup
    Integration test with a webinar providers (eg. livestorm)


  1. Automated submission of experiences to DCL events
  2. Advanced experience customisation
    Building texture customisation
    Library of 3D objects to be added inside the scene

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AAA-Event management system for Decentraland

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