[DAO:d12cd46] Update #7 for proposal "Creativity & Growth - Sandstorm Creator platform"

Hello @Oscom and team, we hope you are doing very well!

According to our governance processes, the Grant Support Squad will request the creation of a new vesting contract with the funds unreleased.

I will make a brief recap of the process up to today to move forward:

  1. The grant was originally requested with a 6-month contract. Following the roadmap and deliverables review, we determined with the grantee that the most correct way to make the contract was with a duration of 8 months.
  2. From that moment the team began to work. The pre-production and first round were a bit longer than expected, and thanks to those learnings, the team committed to catching up with the roadmap in the following rounds.
  3. Then there were a series of delays and irregularities for which it was defined to pause the vesting contract (3 months ago).
  4. During these 3 months, there were repeated instances of missed deliveries, updates, and commitments to dates that the grantee promised, and also some unforeseen circumstances. The GSS always tried to support and help keep the project on track.
  5. Currently, the project has practically completed 50% of execution: rounds #1, #2, and #3, with some minor details to resolve, which would not be a blocker to moving forward. And the contract, before the pause, is 50% vested.
  6. The project to be finished needs to start and complete rounds #4 #5 and #6 (this includes the public repository of all involved projects + payments to each creator).

For these reasons, we will request a new vesting contract with 3-month duration, starting on may 1st, matching the releasing stage with the end of each left’s contest round.

While we understand the grantee’s request to have the funds in advance, we should follow the spirit of the Grants Program’s New Vesting Contract (quote: “…the beneficiary is paid in arrears; they are paid for a working period AFTER the work is done”). We consider that given the history of this grant and the way the DAO funds projects (payment is made after deliveries), this is the best solution, which considers the care of the DAO’s treasury as well as the guarantee of project execution for the beneficiaries.

We then await the confirmation of the proposal from the grantee so we move to the formal request for the new contract to the DAO Committee. Otherwise, the grantee can request that the case be handled by the Revocations Committee given that we are at the limit of the date when the GSS can act autonomously.

Thank you and regards!

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