[DAO:d12cd46] Update #2 for proposal "Creativity & Growth - Sandstorm Creator platform"

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The first month of this grant was focussed on:

  • Preparing Documentation & Process flows
  • Prepare content for the 6 Project rounds
  • Prepare marketing assets for the 6 Project rounds
  • Do research on open source licenses & Creative commons licenses
  • Prepare Project Round Management overview document
  • Do initial Marketing & PR


Here’s what we have done so far:

I. Preparation:

  • Finalised license / Create commons license research & Created easy Guide for creators / developers to implement
  • Finalised project round descriptions & provided our “contest description template”
  • Finalised project Spreadsheet for accountability
  • Finalised marketing assets
  • Updated website to improve UX on “BUILDS” section

*Note: All links can be found in the ressource section

II. Marketing:

Just after the release of this update, we will set the Round #1 of the initiative live on our website! Excited to get started & see what creators / Developers / Studios come up with!


No blockers

Next steps

The program has been announced & Round #1 will be live within the next 24h.

This will initiate bidding from creators & the core part of the project will start.
From there on, we will shift to doing project Management directly & working on all individual accounts & projects / ideas with the creators / developers / studios.

The goal is to create High impact assets / Wearables / Builds / New code interactions the community can efficiently use. We will directly consult them & improve the output of their project

Additional notes and links

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