[DAO:d12cd46] Update #8 for proposal "Creativity & Growth - Sandstorm Creator platform"

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Temporary update in order to complete GSS requests - this update (text) will be overwritten before the end of the month.


  • Round #4 Preparation
  • Round #4 & #5 Preparation
  • Marketing events preparation
  • Improving documentation for future rounds


  1. Completing requirements for the GSS. As of 19.04, we have completed all open requirements requested by the GSS and are looking towards an unpause of the grant + continuation of the project rounds.

  2. Preparation of Rounds #4 and #5 is finalised, and all creators are briefed on expectations / requirements. We have additionally updated our documentation in order to improve the github submission process

  3. Outside of the grant, we are planing 6 events in collaboration with Tangpoko that will focus on highlighting creations from the different rounds. This will enable new marketing content alongside the core production highlights we were doing! We’re open to work with more partners and companies on facilitating other events if wanted!



Next steps

  1. Solving github related issues on 2 project submissions:
  • Juek: The project files are working on our GDrive backup; The github files aren’t. We are looking into resolving the problem within the next 7 days.
  • Rhoo: Project about Emotes that will be transferred for free to the community. Main problem here about open sourcing, that could be counter-productive for the purpose of that sub-project (TBD)
  1. Unpausing the grant and aligning on a new timeline of delivery for rounds 4-6.

  2. Launch the projects once unpaused and focus on the completion of all deliverables within the new set timeline.

Additional notes and links

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