[DAO:c0c49b1] Update #10 for proposal "Dollhouse"

Author: 0x2fcd5b84e04ea940afff17173e67ec64376e1dfc
Update Status: On Time
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Dollhouse Report August


Highlights this month included:

  • LOST ISLAND - a fun party on Xeta’s land in collaboration with OldGuy
  • Routang NFT Drop Party at Casa Roustan
  • SWAY - an Emote Launch Party for the First Slow Dance Emote released in DCL
  • Rare Grooves a new series by DJ Guccitoe

I also have to say that I accidentally put June as the Intro on the last update, but it was August. Haha.


No blockers, just quiet August

Next steps

  • Cross-metaverse party with DCL / MONA
  • 1-2 larger parties planned similar to Lost Island
  • organizing a september community music festival

Additional notes and links

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