[DAO:b731084] Update #11 for proposal "Dollhouse"

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Dollhouse Report September


Highlights this month included:

  • DOUBLE TROUBLE w MONA: cross-metaverse party celebrating VRM interoperability and grand opening of Dollhouse in MONA, partnering with 4 other community memebers with a week’s worth of giveaways and a Babydolls x MONA AR collab

  • SALSA Night at Dollhouse

  • 80s Night at Cyberlove

  • Emm-ote Party celebrating Emm and DOCTORdripp’s first emotes!

  • Lucid Dreams - a new weekly series by DJ Guccitoe

  • Planning Sandstorm x Dollhouse “Fantasy Island” party which has been pushed to first week October.


  • Three upcoming collaborative music projects were cancelled.

Next steps

  • planning another cross-metaverse event w MONA
  • MetAMS livestream from Amsterdam
  • possibly something with Metaverse Music Festival
  • Covenquest Halloween w DG

Additional notes and links

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