[DAO:ffc2631] Update #12 for proposal "Dollhouse"

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Dollhouse Report October


Highlights this month included:

  • Fantasy Island: Sandstorm x Dollhouse Creator Party #1 : a massive 30+ parcel party celebrating builders of Decentrland and highlighting 5 different builders, sponosred by SpottieWifi
  • Halloween Cinema nights all month in addition to our regular weekly Beyond The NFT and Lucid Dreams events
  • FutureBeatz: a livestream DJ/art conference from Amsterdam including panel talks and DJs set
  • DollFactory: a Halloween scavenger hunt in MONA, though not a DAO funded project, still an amazing opportunity for outreach and cross metaverse promotion
  • CovenQuest: an ambitious multi-day halloween quest spearheaded by Decentral Games with partners Vroomway, Last Slice, and Spottie


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Next steps

  • speaking at MetAMS, will also livestream a Hybrid Event from Amsterdam working wiuth Innkeeper
  • honoured to have been chosen to be a part of the Metaverse Music Festival; we have an exciting music base game for players as well as three awesome events scheduled, 1 community DJ , 1 IRL dj duo and 1 virtual/AI DJ

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