[DAO:bfc3d5a] Should HP be expected to explain his actions?

by 0x153b2252eddcb3690ae6f5e9f38be13779e1364d (REDACTED)

Should DCL DAO’s new supreme leader HP be expected to articulate why he disregards passed governance to do as he pleases?

  • Obviously Yes
  • Of course not
  • Invalid question/options

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What a joke… :rofl: :rofl:. HP has been one of the few people with integrity. He’s for the most part been rational and unbias towards decision making. Also out of all the work done for Decentraland he has contributed, he should be acknowledged and rewarded.

This another attempt for someone who can’t seem to get their way, to try to attack a person who’s only trying to do what’s best.

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Ofcourse you defend a weasel ( imo ) who unbanned you and tried to hide it, later on he decided to make it visible to mask his intention but it was already to late ( we made ss on time ). I believe you and he formed an ultimate maggot alliance with him selected ruler as your ruler ( aka Tudamoons Daddy) that got his role by force and was never votes in as mod by anyone.

Might be hard for you and him to understand but I am going to assume based on my analysis and be confident enough to state and assume that you & @HPrivakos are just on the heaviest side of the spectrum.

and before I get muted or msgs getting deleted those are my beliefs and opinions, The only thing I can advice you is to stop being fragile and take it personal and just go to therapy because I believe you need it and care enough for yall. :slight_smile:

He is consistently abusing powers.

I will not prove myself to you, lol.

go swing at more cops?

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@HPrivakos has been abusing moderation rights.

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Dont even know how people are accepting this, he wasn’t votes in for it and randomly took the role upon himself with no governance proposal nothing…

This gives me strong Parasite Dictatorship vibes.

Your are attacking him without any facts to back it. The evidence provided in your other complaint lacked standing. This seems like there is a personal issue here. Prove me wrong. Thanks!

Do something abt it weasel!

About JasonX ignorant (as always) comment:

FOUNDATION continue to tolerate HP’s actions despite the harm he is causing to the brand. Turning a blind eye to this doesn’t fix anything.

This is not something the Foundation as control over. I left the Foundation end of December.

Don’t you think that perhaps you are biased in your assessment? Given that he unbanned you about 140 days before your ban should have ended?

He is both incapable of articulating why he thought that was a good idea, or reading an entire spreadsheet to realize that is what he did since he insists your ban was set to end in September, despite the spreadsheet having a countdown in it.

Additionally, this poll simply asks if he should be expected to be able to articulate why he makes his choices in stead of running to DMs when asked a question to complain about drama being started.

Drama from the simple act of asking him “why did you do what you did?”

Had to AI this one:

Expectations around explaining actions can vary significantly based on context, cultural norms, and individual perspectives. Here are a few considerations:

  1. Transparency and Accountability:
  • In many situations, people are expected to explain their actions, especially when those actions impact others or violate established norms.
  • Transparency fosters trust and accountability. When someone’s behavior affects a group or organization, providing an explanation can help others understand the reasoning behind their actions.
  1. Personal Boundaries:
  • However, there are instances where individuals may choose not to explain their actions. Personal boundaries, privacy, and autonomy play a role here.
  • Some people prefer not to disclose their motivations, especially if the situation is private or emotionally charged.
  1. Cultural Differences:
  • Cultural norms influence expectations. In some cultures, open communication and justifications are highly valued, while in others, silence or non-disclosure may be more acceptable.
  • For example, collectivist cultures often prioritize group harmony, whereas individualistic cultures emphasize personal autonomy.
  1. Intent and Impact:
  • Consider the intent behind the action and its impact. If an action has unintended consequences or causes harm, explaining becomes more crucial.
  • Intent matters, but so does the outcome.
  1. Context Matters:
  • The context matters greatly. Is it a personal relationship, a workplace, or a legal matter?
  • Legal systems often require explanations (e.g., in court), but everyday interactions may not.

In summary, while there’s no universal rule, empathy, understanding, and open communication can lead to healthier relationships and better outcomes. Ultimately, whether someone should be expected to explain their actions depends on the specific circumstances and the people involved. :blush:

Voting Invalid based on reasons above :point_up:

Screenshot 2024-06-16 082841

You need to give up control of DAO discord or DCL foundation needs to provide a new place to civil discourse and debate. The current state does not allow for omni sided debate without fear of one-sided moderation.

Foundation has nothing to do with the DAO.
That screenshot is missing the context, as always. This was after you spend 3 whole days on the same issue after you pinged me to tell Lastraum to stop being an ass and I told you to stop being irrespectful instead so you were mad and started to flood the discord for several days.

I’m mad now? do you get to label me as mad, too with you moderation powers? lol

I think you may have had the conversation mixed … Lastruam was cussing and name calling me while I was asking questions … we’ve even went over this HP and you want to ignore it.

… and you never said anything along these lines either … lol, this is the fifth time you have changed your reasons for moderations of me, lol.

He told you to “write your fucking question” and to “stop being tiresome”, come on, he didn’t call cuss directly at you or call you any names. You were and still are being tiresome.

Also, this is a forum, please write thoughtful messages instead of one line instant reaction, we are not on an instant messaging platform

Pretty sure I did.

Case and point. HP calling names … and condoning Lastraum’s disrespect to CoE, DCL DAO votes, and another contributing person to DCL …

@HPrivakos likes to try to define how a person is allowed to engage on the DCL DAO discord and else where … if you do not engage as he sees fit, he will moderate you. … it doesn’t matter if it was withing the Code of Ethics or approved by a DCL DAO vote … he will moderate as he sees fit.

I would ban you from this forum right now due to your inability to have a constructive conversation. Thank you!

You wouldn’t do shit because you can’t, cope harder weaselboy.