[DAO: bafkrei] Allow Custom Minting Amounts for Wearables

by 0x9381caa558f19a821a2360c59fdf3db60c09ff52 (JTV)

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NFT Mint Amount Options


Remove current minting rarity tier system and allow for all possible mint numbers up to 100,000.


Currently, when uploading wearables creators are locked into choosing rarity tiers that specify a fixed mint amount. This limits the ability to release collections that would benefit from a more nuanced number (i.e., 50, 2500, 1999). A workaround involves minting greater than needed then burning the excess. I aim to allow for a simplified process from the start.


Decentraland (DCL) is the only NFT marketplace that does not allow for custom minting amounts. Considering other platforms allow this flexibility, I feel DCL should also allow this basic feature. As a prolific publisher, I at times struggle to choose an appropriate rarity tier for my items. The most common tiers used, Legendary, Epic, and Rare, have mint amounts spread to far apart, 100, 1000, and 5000 respectively. Currently the rarity tiers are:

Unique: 1

Mythic: 10

Legendary: 100

Epic: 1000

Rare: 5000

Uncommon: 10,000

Common: 100,000

The two methods to circumvent this restrictive system are:

1.) To create and burn excess mints.

2.) Create your own contract and go through the Linked Wearables Registry.

There are a few issues with those. To create and burn causes undue burden for the creator and the network. Further, depending on how many are burned, invalidates the rarity color system. With Linked Wearables, this option is less-than-often applicable to the intent of the publisher. Linked wearables have no rarity designation and are not able to be sold or traded within DCL. They are simply DCL representations of External NFTs you may already own.
As you can see the current system leaves much to be desired.


I propose removing the minting tiers system and to allow the publisher to specify any number of mints, up to a maximum of 100,000. This will enable creators to choose custom mint amounts specific to their own needs, while also keeping a high maximum on possible mints.

Upon submitting a request to publish a wearable, the user will specify the maximum number of mints for the item instead of specifying a rarity tier. Legacy values from the tier system can be used as suggested guidelines or defaults.
The wearables submission page, rarity fields in the builder, and wearable smart contracts will be updated by the DCL development team in order to accommodate the new system.


By enabling Creators and Publishers to have greater freedom of their collections through expanding the minting amount options, DCL will benefit from increased creativity and expression. This is a simple change to bring DCL to parity to other platforms and encourage continued user growth.

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I like the concept but the technical requirements to achieving this might not be worth the value gained.

The rarity logic is baked into the marketplace collections contract and would need to be re-written and upgraded to be able to do this :frowning:

The usage can be seen in the contract code. One example at https://polygonscan.com/address/0x006080c6061c4af79b39da0842a3a22a7b3f185e#code#F18#L360


Is the concern that the marketplace won’t automatically stop selling/minting after an arbitrary amount is minted against the maximum allowed in that rarity category?

If so, you can always introduce a smart contract to replace the DCL marketplace for minting new items that has the specific requirements you want on a per item basis. While you could directly mint more of the wearable if you wanted to as the owner of the collection, the distribution can be controlled in a different way than the just relying on the rarity maximum.

An example of this would be the smart contract that was developed for the Vogu head sale.

Vogu Head Sale Smart Contract

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Interesting proposal, and worth discussing its implementation pathways and impacts on the existing wearables market. I wonder if it might be more feasible to adjust the category names and create more options… Or if it would be possible to make the categories for a range… So that you could custom select the amount within each category. I fear that a full revamp of the rarity system could be problematic. The counter argument is that the rarity system does not have so much impact beyond Mythic and Unique, and to an extent Legendary…

This could be an interesting one to discuss at upcoming Town Halls.

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I am intrigued by this draft proposal. I look forward to reading more discussion on it before I make my decision. As a creator I welcome having more options regarding rarity. It’s a subject I am still learning about every day.

I’m actually stumped on this one. I see a valid use case as outlined by the proposal and in the comments, but I also wonder what the proper implementation path would look like.

Perhaps a working group should be created in order to discuss this in further detail so that the community can come to an agreement on what the proper implementation path would look like. I see the need, and I agree that it would benefit creators who wish to limit minting amounts more specifically.

@JTV Have you considered reaching out to @Matimio to discuss creating a working group. Because this proposal has reached the draft stage, I believe it qualifies for the creation of a working group in the DAO discord. IMO that is the best way to move forward if you want to see this implemented

I agree with all of the comments here. I am happy to make sure this proposal can be adjusted properly and within reason to enhance the creator and user experience. All concerns here are valid.

@mattimus There is no doubt it will take a bit of work to rewrite the contracts to make this function properly. Long term it seems this would have a much more beneficial impact to the over all userbase. If someone had an event for 175 people to join in with an NFT for example: They would need to create a 1k limit and then “destroy” or just not mint any others out.

@MorrisMustang The problem is that some creators are limited to very few options for desired mint amounts. Some creators like myself have published items just to burn x of them to have a specific cap limit. I

I don’t believe NFT owners want the creator to have the ability to create more upon demand. Let’s say we set an item to have 200/1000 minted out. In this case if the creator can just send out another 800 upon demand, there is a lot of trust to the creator.

@Matimio Would be happy to speak at the Town Hall about this. Not sure what the process is for that though. Feel free to let me know. Would appreciate it. Much easier to talk than text for me.

@Frank I am not sure how that works with a working group but happy to learn more about it.

Apologies for the late response. Kind of stumped as well on the whole process for this. I know it’s a problem for myself and other creators and a correction is needed.

Thank you

Allow Custom Minting Amounts for Wearables

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Yes 70% 5,813 VP (31 votes)
  • No 30% 2,587 VP (1 votes)