[DAO:6054b16] New Wearable Rarity Tier: Exotic (50 mint/supply)

by 0x56469159d91eb810dce34dd13ec4ed8194bca7be (NikkiFuego)

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New Wearable Rarity Tier: Exotic (50 mint/supply)


This poll is to try and introduce a new Wearable rarity tier (50 mint/supply) that allows for greater flexibility and exclusivity within the market.


Having to decide between 100 mint and 10 mint is often a really difficult decision. Not only for Wearable Creators but also for projects onboarding with Wearables. This last year I have made over 200 wearables and the majority of those were with 3rd party entities looking to onboard onto the platform. It’s always been a pain point trying to weigh the benefits of 100 vs 10. While 10 is very expensive because you have less wiggle room to give away for any promotional needs while 100 isn’t quite exclusive enough for some projects and visions.


The addition of a new Exotic Rarity Tier (50 Mint) to the publishing options would be important and would help to solve a number of problems that currently exist within the platform.

One key benefit of adding a new Exotic Rarity Tier is that it would provide content creators with more flexibility and control over their creations. Currently, creators must choose between two Rarity Tiers: Common (100,000 Mint), Uncommon (10,000 Mint), Rare (5,000 Mint), Epic (1,000 Mint), Legendary (100 Mint), Mythic (10 Mint), and Unique (1 Mint). These options can be limiting for creators who want to produce a limited number of high-quality items that are not quite as rare as a 10 Mint item, but rarer than a 100 Mint item. By adding a 50 Mint Rarity Tier, creators would have a new option that falls between these two extremes, allowing them to more accurately reflect the value and rarity of their creations.

Another benefit of adding a new Rarity Tier is that it could help to address some of the issues related to scarcity and demand on the Decentraland platform. Currently, the Mythic (10 Mint) tier is highly coveted, and as a result, items at this tier are often sold at a premium price. This can create a situation where only the most financially well-off users are able to afford Rare items, which can lead to feelings of exclusivity and inequality within the community. By adding a 50 Mint Rarity Tier, there would be more options available to users who are looking for unique and valuable items but may not be able to afford the high prices of Rare items. This could help to create a more inclusive and equitable market for wearable items.

Finally, the addition of a new Rarity Tier to the publishing options would be a valuable addition to the platform, providing content creators with more flexibility and control over their creations and helping to address issues related to scarcity and demand. It would also create more opportunities for users to find unique and valuable items that fit their budget and interests. When the user base grows again this will also provide another rare category for mass audiences.


We are proposing the addition to the option to submit Exotic (50 Mint) to the publishing pipeline. This tier would be put in between Legendary and Mythic tiers. As well as a new tab in the marketplace as shown in the example here:

There also should be an update on the Wearables Editor User Guide page under the Rarity table.


In conclusion, we believe this addition of Exotic tier will provide new opportunities for creators to create interesting projects and provide an even more creative way to innovate new wearables. We believe this tier will also interest some other micro & macro communities that have yet to jump into Decentraland. If there is anything that Doki and I can do to assist in the integration of this new tier we are willing to help!

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New Wearable Rarity Tier: Exotic (50 mint/supply)

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 71% 2,219,195 VP (222 votes)
  • No 29% 937,530 VP (13 votes)
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Looking forward to seeing this moved to the next phase of governance as well.