[DAO:b5b044e] Can we get someone from DCL Team to attend the Domainer Expo, Dec 2023 in Vegas

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (Legislator)

I feel this is crucial in order for wider awareness and adoption.

Venue Date is: Dec 6th & 7th 2023


Website: https://domainerexpo.com/

Possibility to attend as an exhibitor or as a speaker. Probably someone from the Dev/Marketing team would be a better fit.

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Speakers & Sponsors

Good time to push with bull market vibes. Maybe a good opportunity for the Ambassadors to start connecting.

Absolutely, Domainer Expo is excited to invite Decentraland to participate. As the inaugural conference bridging web2 and web3 domains, it’s an ideal platform for the DCL Team to connect with others and showcase the exciting developments underway with DCL usernames, particularly “WORLDS.”

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It is an interesting platform to promote DCL Names and the benefits they provide in the context of Decentraland. I like the idea but it will be very rushing to apply for exhibitor or submit topic for presentation (especially if submission has to be reviewed and accepted).

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They are more than happy to have someone from Decentraland because the expo covers Web2 & Web3 domain industry leaders. Even just a short 5-10 minute speech is good. There is one month, I believe that’s plenty time for someone from Decentraland team who resides in USA or close to Vegas to attend.

I don’t know anyone who lives near Las Vegas beside @Djtraxnft

Maybe we can get one of the Ambassadors involved @Canessa

I live in Las Vegas and would love to be involved in this! I could talk all day about digital identity, being a musician in the web 3 space, and everything I have done over the last 2 years in Decentraland.

I am also working on an education program for elementary-college level students. Think this can tie in well with that.


Thank you @Djtraxnft for letting us know. What might be even better is during the presentation jumping into Genesis City and showcasing how Decentraland’s Digital Identities work. I’m certain everyone will be mind blown as they haven’t seen anything like this generated from an NFT Domain Name. :grinning:

I have co-founders reaching out please dm me @KimboNFT

Previously I’ve been passing it all onto Sam, but now need a new contact since he is no longer here.


I have 3 different worlds setup with my own RTMP. You can see them for yourself, DJTRAX, CJTRAX, and CJTRAX.ETH world. I dont see anything to apply for speaker on their website, lets connect @kelsthagreat


Shot you a DM on here.

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It’s quite surprising that there would be opposition to this initiative. It presents a unique opportunity for DCL to showcase the evolution of digital identity within an immersive 3D environment at a conference dedicated to the exploration of identity - past, present, and future. This is a chance to break free from the confines of the “web3 gaming” niche and introduce a new audience to the vast potential within DCL. Something to think about!

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Hey everyone! Kim here - Marketing Lead at the Foundation.

This sounds great but we can’t commit to sending someone from the Foundation at this time or be paid sponsors.

However, DJTraXNFT would be a great community representative and speaker and he is local!

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@Djtraxnft can attend the conference as a speaker for Decentraland and showcase/demonstrate how Decentraland domains work to all the domain leaders & guests who are attending.

Attending this conference is very important especially with the recently passed governance proposal. Decentraland domain/avatar names stand out from the rest as the most innovative, exciting Web3 domain :point_down:

@kelzthagreat what’s required to sign up as a speaker?

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I can definitely attend and represent Decentraland as a speaker or exhibitor. What are the costs behind this?

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This is just a small example of the type of things I can showcase

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Thank you for taking the time to respond @KimboNFT , we are going to move forward with @Djtraxnft per your recommendation. Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with you in the future.

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Excellent to hear, would love to watch it live if it gets streamed.

Can we get someone from DCL Team to attend the Domainer Expo, Dec 2023 in Vegas

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Can we get someone from DCL Team to attend the Domainer Expo, Dec 2023 in Vegas

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