[DAO:b4d0cbe] 3D Labyrinth

by 0xa2263d90a001764b0cad2642b07974075b020368 (LongIslandSteve)

Should the following $3,600 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


The Labyrinth is a very simple free to play game within Decentraland where the goal is to reach a target area.
The overall goal is provide some more content for Decentraland and make it more attractive for users.

The concept is published at https://longislandsteve.dcl.eth.limo/

Grant size

3,600 USD in MANA

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Labyrinth is a simple game for Decentraland that does not need any Explanation on the game principle. Currently I have published the basic concept at https://longislandsteve.dcl.eth.limo/ and want to provide a more complex labyrinth, more interactivity and a more detailed design. This is not possible on a single parcel because the space and scene limitations are restricting. The planned land to use are the following parcels:

-145,6 - Already owned

-145,5 - Listed on the marketplace

-145,4 - Listed on the marketplace

There is a collection of four Wearables planned to be published. The Wearables will be gifted to the first finishers of the labyrinth.

Roadmap and milestones

The project is planned to be finished within 1 -3 month.

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Hey, thanks for proposal. IMO taking DAO grant to buy Land is not best option, have you considered renting a Land ?

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Using DAO funds to purchase land is a risky transaction; there is nothing stopping an entity from selling the land afterwards and keeping the money. I would suggest renting land so this is not a obstacle within your grant.


@web3nit @Canessa: Thank you for the participation and provided feedback.

… have you considered renting a Land ?

I have.
IMO one of Decentralands key problems is missing content and missing traffic, what depends on each other. A huge amount of land is owned by people as investment and not with the responsibility to operate the land and be part of the immersive world of Decentraland. Renting land for my project would result in the major part of the grant beeing paid to people for “holding” land what is not really my interest.

Using DAO funds to purchase land is a risky transaction; there is nothing stopping an entity from selling the land afterwards and keeping the money.

I agree with you even if this is definitely not my intention.

Change the budget to rent in a next proposal and I will definetely vote yes, for now abstain :smiley:


There is a proposal that has passed for the DAO to purchase some land monthly off the floor and use the community will have the ability to apply to use such land. It may be free, it maybe rented, who knows maybe given depending on the usage. I would definitely vote for you to have access to what is needed for your project but for me, using the DAO funds to purchase land is just a NO. Even for renting the land doesn’t really sit well with me, I think. I do like the idea though.


The idea of creating a labyrinth has been interesting to me ever since I got here, however I also don’t approve of using DAO money to buy land due to what @Canessa commented.


3D Labyrinth

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 4,218 VP (10 votes)
  • No 74% 4,485,368 VP (48 votes)
  • Abstain 25% 1,545,153 VP (24 votes)