[DAO:aedc113] Create Forum Name handles not tied to NFT's

by 0x52f8d5518a05366989b3baad9c8e1129ca317fc7 (Tengu)

With the new name grabs and constant changing of set names. It would be nice for people not to have to say who they are known as under other names. Plus it will remove confusion for players and constant dao voters. I propose to put forth a poll on this topic. Some may think this might not matter because you can go to opensea. This would however potentially eliminate that step and also prevent malice that could happen. Especially from people using Nfts to impersonate other people, groups or collectives.

Should we create and use dao forum name handles. Not have dao forum handle names linked to the set name nft.

  • Yes create and use set forum names. Dont use set nfts
  • No dont use forum names. Use name nfts
  • Invalid question/options

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nice for you to bring up, voting invalid.

People dont have to do this - feedback is optional, some would even consider it a courtesy.
From a personal experience/viewpoint - most people who comment on forum don’t change their forum names on forum.
People just tend to look at who’s voted to either go DM them for feedback or see if they got the support from friends.

DCL NAMEs aren’t verification marks, although it is making me far more bullish on NAMEs seeing others think they are.


:saluting_face: :vulcan_salute: Most of us know how to wallet track and that names dont always represent the individuals who may have fame with them. This was proposed to give people a chance to voice if they wanted this. Appreciate your time and feedback Sannin. Personally idc how this turns out just laying it before the people. We can see if we come back to this like names in usdc in a year tho hahaha.

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Also want to take a second to thank every person who is coming through to vote. I see you all from 0 to 100k+ vp. Thanks for coming here and lending your voice to the process.


Create Forum Name handles not tied to NFT’s

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes create and use set forum names. dont use set nfts 1% 222 VP (33 votes)
  • No dont use forum names. use name nfts 1% 20 VP (10 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 98% 1,791,049 VP (82 votes)
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