[DAO:ab7df90] Ban the name DCLDAO

by 0xc375b0a133f49dbf3c6418895d6d024be2d8f84a (noh0mie)

Should the name DCLDAO be added to the Denied Names list, banning it from Decentraland?


Recently a member of the community started using the name DCLDAO and voting on proposals under this title. I believe this name should be banned as it can create confusion for community members who are unaware this is not an official DCL DAO account.

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Banning a name is used to prevent the use of abusive or offensive names for avatars and scenes.

It appears you are only opposed to the ownership of DCLDAO.dcl.eth rather than the Name itself which is not a valid reason to ban a Name.


hm that is a fair point, but it can also cause confusion - should the DAO buy the name from that user?

We should make a Proposal, i would say yes for $120K DAI

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It is misrepresentation. It creates the illusion that votes are being cast on behalf of the DAO.

so are you the one with the name then? can you explain to me your thinking in trying to impersonate the DAO in the voting process?

I agree with you that I am more so opposed to the ownership of this title by a community member and the confusion it causes by insinuating this member is voting on behalf of the DAO. Unfortunately I don’t think there is any way for the Decentraland DAO to forcibly aquire the name from the user nor do I think we should be subject to paying a large sum of money to buy it because community member thinks they are clever. For this reason I think the best possible approach is to use the ban system to allow no one to impersonate the DAO as there is no reason for the DAO to need the name for voting anyways. The DAO does not have a wallet which participates in voting, so removing the name from circulation should only benefit community perception of the DAO.

As I said above, I don’t think we should be subject to buying it and I am okay with not banning the name, but something should be done to provide clarity that this is not an official DAO account.

No, i didn’t claimed this name.

I am the rightful owner of DCLDAO.dcl.eth, minted only ~5 months ago (Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan). I believe it would be completely unjust to ban this Name as it is neither offensive/harmful nor a location name that is not permitted in Decentraland.

Respectfully, as the legal owner of this Name - I can use it however I wish.


Should be focusing on minting not banning names lol

Seriously though, it doesn’t violate the terms. Anyone can click on the name voting and verify its not “DCL DAO” actually voting.


We are so early, ppl don’t know how to do their own researches…


A rare occurrence just happened 0.0 @HPrivakos Voted yes for something 0.0!!!


It is a great Name :wink:


100% agree with you!

I am very disappointed to see how easily some vote to censor/ban things… one of the core aspects of crypto is supposed to be about anti-censorship, I do not think this should be banned at all. Very disappointing to even see these types of votes in the DCL community :frowning:


Whats next? Ban the name “Admins” or “Mods” “iDCL” “DAOs” aswell? @MetaTrekkers whats your motivation to vote Yes on this?


“Crypto Means Absolutely Nothing Without Censorship Resistance”

Crypto is supposed to represent censorship resistance, if we are using DAO decisions to start censoring people then we are not much better than the old systems.


Hi @ArtReYou , I agree with you 100% that names shouldn’t be censored or banned, but when official names are being use to mislead or for malicious intent then there is a problem. When new comers come in this space and see DCL DAO voting, they will actually think it’s DCL DAO voting. As a community We all have a responsibility and image to protect.

Hey @MetaTrekkers, whilst I understand your perspective on this issue - I still do not believe this warrants a Name Ban, this is entirely a matter of ownership. Should we also propose to ban ‘Tesla.dcl.eth’ as Elon Musk is not the owner and ‘people’ may believe this to be misleading?..


what it needs is education not a ban! it is easy to confirm that the DCLDAO name is not owned by the official DCL DAO by simple looking at the blockchain to see the owner.
yes for better crypto education so people can learn how to verify things for themselves, 100% no for banning/censorship, it has no place in the real crypto community. The thing that sets Decentraland apart from metaverse projects like the ones coming from Facebook Meta, is that we actually have the chance of building a censorship resistant base layer for the metaverse vision. Maybe this censorship vote in this proposal is a small thing compared to the big vision, but its steps like this that just lead to more and more censorship.